Monday, December 31, 2007

Must reads

Lists. End of the year lists have become American. American in the sense that we can expect lists from our favorite channel, talk show host and best week ever repeats.

YTD, no list is as invoking of intelligent discussion as the Sidney Awards courtesy of David Brooks.

Articles that force the nerve of partisanship polarization to react in kind creating a humbling experience for readers.

I urge all of my 4 readers to enjoy and comment.

Sidney Awards

Friday, December 21, 2007

Keep it Holy son

PC really confuses me. Free speech and the topics.....

Forget it.
At least try to keep it Holy, please.

Friday, December 14, 2007

No to Universal Healthcare...

Often we like to think of what we are entitled to as Americans. In fact, we even take them for granted. Education, public safety the list goes on. Is the power to enhance and sustain these freedoms through the big brother mentality?
I argue it is not. Now, I could easily dictate contemporary political thought on the subject explaining what is freedom, how it operates amongst fellow man. But why? When we could all just listen to Kansas.
As mentioned in earlier posts, please delight in the fiddle, but then take a step back and think of what it means to be free. When freedom is words and nothing more. Election season reminds us of this empty rhetoric does it not?
That we ultimately have come to expect freedoms handed to us, as argued by a hippie friend of mine, "It's like a big government cookie jar, and we can grab from it for personal use."
Well hippie friend, I disagree. The nation finds itself in quite the predicament. Protecting the freedoms or increasing the handouts. Securing freedom in the tradition of our founding fathers would in effect limit the cookie jar handouts.
I have to say, this take selfish mentality is proving to be costly and ineffective. Could one say the government cookie jar is responsible for protecting the contents of the cookie jar, if that is in effect the "freedom bowl".
Then what do we do hippie friend. Let another man determine what is a freedom and what constitutes a cookie jar freedom?
Principality Clothing is against universal health care for this same purpose.Currently, 15% are uninsured. So 15% constitutes a transformative policy measure that would collapse the present structure of insurance, healthcare and the competitive features of this practice?
Furthermore, the declaration of health insurance as a civil or human right is unnecessary. God determines the human, the state determines the civil and the electorate votes for legislators as to how policies that protect and preserve freedom are implemented.
The same hippie tactics that kills babies is constantly overlooked when deciding governments role in our lives.
Choice. The lack of which, will continue to grant elites power in determining legislation.
Delight in the fiddle Baby.

Hate speech and the great divide

Interesting tag huh? I deemed it necesaary today with the sweep of noose hangings and other elements of hate speech circling academia.
Now I find it intriguing one would hang a noose in such a place to incite fear with racial overtones. That is neither here nor there. More importantly the focus should be on how to stop the practice through proper court procedures versus an emotionally fueled pep rally in the likes of, "They took our jobs".
Central Michigan University recently experienced a noose event on campus. Horrible. In fact the student who placed the nooses admitted guilt and was deemed a prankster by the prosecuting attorney.
As a whole, America appreciates free speech and the rights of expression granted in the Constitution. Ironically, hate speech deserves the same protection. Where would our country go without civil disagreement? Civil disagreement that does not incite violence yet offends is protected by the same rights that allow me to associte freely.
So leaders urge affirmative remedies that consist only to protect or advance one class of the population is therefore creating a country that favors one class over the other.

Thats racism/sexism and discriminatory in nature.

It is un-American.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another daughter moment.

Yes she did it again. My three year old daughter has forced this author to dictate story time.

After a long weekend with her grandparents, she was dropped off and during the standard Michigan extended goodbyes mentioned what we as Americans often take for granted.

She told her grandfather to, "Take care of your wife".

She knows and loves "Gammy". She in fact spoke to her minutes before her proclamation.
But the question of perception at such a young age is intriguing.

I often mistake in this arena as well. Surely I love my wife. But to take care of her is to not merely be a provider or being able to "lift 500lbs.", as she reminds me.

It is to comfort, listen and understand. If graded on a 4.0 scale, I would be nearing academic probation. I attend the appropriate sessions of study, yet fail at least once a month.

She understands. Forgives my weakness and moves on. Not a grudge is held by my wife. I hope.

I think that's the lesson? Compassion. Attempted Civil compromise yet one sided civil compromise in most instances. But in reality, my wife runs the show. I have the utmost confidence in her parental abilities as evident by my daughters intelligence.

But it is hard as many would agree. But worth it. To grow with another under one shared goal of paternal success is gorgeous. A great experience that could only be lived not explained to.

At least that's what I think now.

Origins of principality clothing

My friends it is on this day that I feel compelled to illustrate the motivating factors behind You see, there was a time, long ago, that Africans were kings. Wikipedia this claim, but it is true. In fact Africans are the original philosophers, the land of Miir of course, home of Abraham. Eygypt the land of great human innovation.

It is with this brief history that I feel compelled. Compelled to name my clothing company and ultimately the voice of commentary Principality Clothing. It's actually quite the double entendre.

We were once and still I believe Kings/royalty (principalities). Yet principle has been lost in what some call popular culture, I call hip hop. The dignity of family values and right judgement (principality) has been tagged uncool by prior leaders and contemporary wanna be leaders. The disrespect for the rule of law has diminished on a backing of historical wrongs that in some circles, is still wrong.

What happened?

Yes slavery happened. Yes Jim Crow was dominant. But as Kings, I argue, we are to be held to a different standard right? Carry our heads high to pursue a better cause for our collective race. This argument in no way is support for black nationalism. It is in support of the American Way. In fact, many if not all racial minorities have been persecuted beyond a reasonable doubt. For in modern competitive times, it is the meritocracy of advancement that has taken the reins of a failed socialist democracy.

That's were it begins. As an urban conservative I fully expect freedom and independence. As an American I would call it a civil right. But it is not a civil right to be forced into complacency through social programs that promote the lack of competitive advancement. No. It is my friend another form of slavery. Slavery that has and some argue now does limit the freedoms Dr. King and many others strive for. This is not a call for assimilation.

This is a call to the Kings and Queens. Can you hear me? Stand up. Be proud of our advancement, not linger on its retroactive abilities to persuade complacency.

Royalty would not think of such an issue.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good bye old friend.

It was almost 4 years to the day we met. I was between relationships at the time. And you provided the security, stability I longed for. Such a void was filled in my heart by your presence. Yet I disrespected you. Often made petty excuses of our union. People would laugh at the presence of us both and I would in turn disrespect my devotion for our adventures. Citing economic forces for our supposed false unity.

You were with me when I met my wife. She grew to love you as much as I now do. You provided a rock of surety in shaky times. Stepping up to the plate when called on. Yet I still took you for granted.

When my daughter was born, you were with us.

You accompanied my wife and I on many trips, in which we would question your integrity, yet time and again you came through.

But now we walk ignore you. Making new relationships that have symbolized the economic climb we so desired as broke college students. Your stability was paramount in such trying times. I'm sorry.

Sorry for ignoring your needs that eventually led to your demise. Sorry for disrespecting your role in our family.

It is with that said, I will not throw you to the wolves to be discarded with no sanctity. Torn limb from precious limb for a measly $200.

My goal is to keep you close. To serve as a sign to future Lewis generations of your thrift and hard work that established safety for us.

So please remember, you were the rock we needed and will never forget.

You are my 95 Crown Victoria.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yes. That guy is back

Dora, Immigration, and our pride.
Amazing the faults we find in another. Yet with scrupulous detail we praise our youth.My daughter speaks Spanish now. She can say whatever Dora happens to be adventuring in Spanish very clearly. My wife and I take joy and thank God she is so smart. Her ability to grasp my wife's native Ebo language has prompted me to explore immigration and the wealth of diversity it creates. Good or Bad.

I do believe in an American way. Perhaps we may differ on it's proposed meaning. But I would call myself a patriot. A patriot that has and will continue to support values of freedom and reciprocity that have only proven to be crucial to our superpower status.

But this immigration..Well,I, I, I, like it. Yea. I kind of do. I like the fact, call me an optimist, that millions of people would risk their lives on a raft, cargo freight or other ways to even taste the freedom I live in. Call me proud, you probably already have, but the need to feel good about something this election cycle is calling. Middle school sense gay would be saying negative campaigning and blah, followed by Blah, education, and blah(fill in the blank). Lets delight in one issue that is polarizing to millions of people.

I recall an SNL skit in which Justice Rehnquist(Will Ferrell) calls to vote during the House impeachment of President Clinton, a vote to agree to disagree. Har, har.That's the good stuff.

In an abstract opinion, we have this right and tons of people travel in a raft or tunnel to come here and pick whatever migrant workers pick on their own free will to reach this right and in the land of opportunity.

Yet we fight. Oooo, we fight a lot.

Nothing tangible will be done soon of course, that would be too risky. Touchy subject. Taboo. Push pull factors on both ends.

So in celebration of our diversity and

"Americanism that is better then your country," what", "whatever" day, (pronounce in hick uneducated voice)

I propose a list of top ten reason to celebrate our multicultural influence on our current civil landscape and all things in the name of coolness.
1. Menudo(props to Toothless)

2. Bruce Lee, but mostly Bruce Lee movies like the ones that make fun of them and create huge subtitles for short statements. Surprisingly this joke is older then my Dad yet is still fresh.

3. Wu-Tang Clan(Emphasis on Ghostface Killer). Certainly no disrespect intended to the other fine members of this established crew.

4. Country Music. Yes think about it. If there wasn't immigration they would all be working, hence the country music. Then the wives, and you know the rest. Very old unfresh joke.

5. New Jersey.

6. Dating Dutch. This should be number one. Thank you my Dutch friends. Who knew cheapness could be taken this seriously

7. Chakira and Chakira videos.

8. The way Latinos speak broken English. Explaining with simple head nods and si. Hysterical.

9. American Idol. I argue this England implant plays dual roles. Keeps our wives occupied for two hours a week allowing us to be free from the leash of love. Then that guy, the one that said she bang accented heavy in Asian. Classic.

10. How could I forget. A staple of the American way, as I was reminded via her Vanwizzleness, an obvious sign of our pursuit of consumption

......I'll have the buffet.

The joy we have in finding "the best China Buffet" or even new local Indian cuisine.We delight in the feast and tell our friends of the variety we have experienced in life. Yet all to often when that variety is put against our pride, we favor our pride. As one always will, it is difficult to let go of our need for control in any situation. Not Janet Jackson control, but the control to define the surroundings we thrive in.

In the political arena, work and the private. because it is in these venues where we feel the need to filter. Change of which will be made at our own accord.

Sound familiar?"Maybe the Mexican fair downtown this weekend honey".

We can drive to said location, dictate the surroundings we put our self in and leave at our pleasure for the security in the home.In the heart, I argue yes. For it is the feeling of cautiously letting these new surroundings into our lives that gives us the coincidental thrill of progressive yet surreal touch of cool.

All too often the pretentious begins to creep.

Election year and polarizing topics will at the very least, define our country's will on diversity and who we let in so to speak.I suppose the idea of immigration while quite the quagmire, has alienating consequences.

One certainly could not be for immigration while celebrating diversity?

And here it is, Americans as a whole are not loathsome, took my job, diversity haters.

I argue we are the exact opposite. As mentioned above, we delight in these differences in our ever growing cultural mosaic.Proponents of either side claim the other are un-American.

Allowing such a display of ignorance, we fuel this argument by letting it be. Let it play out on TV, or the radio, then we simply use our powers through the remote to again, dictate our surroundings. But loose the remote and no more power, we search for ways to claim back the power even blaming others for misplacing our sense of control. AHH..But it's back now. Be cool. Provoke dialogue and ride it out.

Americans are not scared, quite the opposite really. Anxious and willing for this invasion of human innovation and technology. Potential growth and the mystery of whats next.

The loss of control, not so much.

Detroit and Flint are first and third respectively as the most dangerous cities in the US. So we got that going for us.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The N-word, misrepresentation and common sense....

Looking at my upcoming schedule and the events that demand my attention, I am compelled to dismiss rational thinking and address the conflict that currently mandates a new post.
Because it is the principality.

Original Story

Nigger. There, are you happy. I said it. And in all my blackness I will be protected. I won't get fired, nor will be subject to cruel and unusual punishment in the media. I am just a college blogger though. Immune from the lights and fame that should now be known as the "realm of double standards".

You see, it's not the word itself that is subject to such dispute. It is the orator of said word that is under scrutiny. By no means would the verdict from the court of public opinion be held to face value in the criminal justice system, but nonetheless, those of non-Hispanic Caucasian origin are compelled to apologize and go to counseling, then rehab, seek forgiveness, and of course, kiss the ass of all dark skinned people in a 50 mile radius if they utter nigger.

If we as African Americans continue creating racial distinctions in our society, then we will be treated as such. Like nurtured babies we continue to rely on the government through political agitation for equality. Yet the equality we pursue is directly related to the equality our leaders exude to others which has resulted in policies in the urban community based around this idea that African Americans should be held to a different standard and therefore receive political reparations that in no way increase graduation rates or other factors resulting in upward mobility. Soaring like a vulcher to search out the next victim of their "boycott", these leaders carry themselves in a way that deters attention from responsible decisions being made at the state and local level that could alleviate modern dilemmas in the black community.

Don Imus, Dog, LBJ, FDR, and a plethora, dare I say a cornucopia of others have said nigger.

But we want to cry. We want equality that is falsely based on recognizing our past plight. Our leaders who are to be fighting for true responsibility, are still crusading to define Black America.
Yet Black America is America, and like all Americans, free. Free from distinctions that create a lower class of citizens.

So if my argument is not enough to convince you these actions are wrong, what more can I say besides...

Nigger please.

Oh no you did int. Yes, I did int.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welfare Wal-Mart. It does not deserve a principality tag.

Below is what Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue had to say concerning the $27 million Kent County Human Services building.
"It will be almost like one-stop shopping in terms of health, social services and welfare," said Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue. "They could call it the Department of Health, Human Services and Welfare."

Original Story

Terrific, I can't wait. A shopping mall for the entitled. Almost Wal-Mart esgue in its purpose. So now, money that could be used for increasing said entitlements, is spent on increasing the experience of the entitled. Because really, who wants to accept handouts in such an uninviting atmosphere that is the current Kent County FIA?

Maybe that should be the goal. Not because locals are selfish, but help can be found in other venues. In fact, I argue, lets use a portion to grime the building down some more. Maybe it would never have visitors again. And, if all goes well, the $27 million dollars could be used to create wealth in the Grand Rapids community. Surely, tuition at a public university could be covered with those funds? So, instead of investing in future endeavors that could lead some out of the cyclical trends of poverty. We build a welfare Wal-Mart.

Because everyone loves Wal-Mart.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Disrespect common law and be...... rewarded?

Ah yes, how can we be so blind? No longer is a college degree, good credit and even just being motivated by goodness precursors for fame. I know I cannot believe it myself. If only some friends and I beat some skinny white kid, then maybe I could be a host on BET.

Read the story here Original Story.

Is this America? The land where we reward criminal behavior with near celebrity status?

This sends a great message to our children. Not only does violence, grotesque violence set the tone for another Al Sharpton moment, you too can be on BET.

Just think kiddies. No school. No church. Just good old American public relations with a big pinch of victomology simply mix and spin heavily let simmer in the front page, blogosphere and hyped up rhetoric....Blow

The American Dream.

Some of my readers might say to the above.

"Oh no you didint."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keep it Hood....Yes..It is the Principality .

Yes. Keep it hood. What could he mean you ask?

Last night my daughter mentioned she wanted her snack that she was holding on to throughout the day. My wife and I determined that she could have said snack before bed. She was not happy and declared the snack was "mines". Now at two years old, singular and incorrect verb evasions is understandable. My wife and I corrected her at once, reminding her that mine is correct and mines, is well, like my wife said, ghetto.
Open up the flood gates of questions, whats ghetto my daughter asked.
Quick with the response, I told her ghetto stands for ignorance, bad, not smart and to not be that which is exudes intelligence.

This past week, TI was arrested for trying to buy machine guns and a silencer from an undercover ATF narc. Ironically he also won two BET awards the same night. In which, according to Original Story the others partaking in the awards "held it down for him and also represented TI". Busta Rhymes, who is not fond of our nations finest, yelled exuberantly "Free TI". Because really, the man was just trying to grow his weapons cache. So what if he is an ex-con? What does the law have to do with this?

I know the answer. He was keeping it hood. Honestly, does he need more guns or for that matter protection? No. The real issue is TI being one with the streets that has supposed to make him famous and keeping the aurora of tough guy, millionaire tough guy, and don't forget BET tough guy.

Instead of sending a trusted confidant to look into aggressive investment strategies or hedge fund opportunities, TI in all his wisdom is looking for guns. Guns that have continued to plaque the streets that TI has talked about in his music and philanthropy.

I argue if it is the mission of such entertainers to provide and be role models as many claim, then why buy guns, in an Atlanta shopping mall parking lot, from one of your bodyguards? Keeping it hood perhaps.

Funny enough, it does not stop there. Should this man who has openly performed a probation violation, be lauded with praise at the Black entertainment awards? No. Bob Johnson, did not create Black Exploitation, rather Black Entertainment Television. But hasn't it become just that?

106 and park, misogyny, lack of proper language. Not the education advancements or even assimilation. Bringing down the proud race that is black America.

But nevertheless, they as a network and those they market to are content to proven complacency and enforcing the statistical evidence of the dumbing down of black America.

Ironically, all are in agreeance to, keeping it hood.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chucky Cheese and the American Way.

Interesting how life works, isn't it? The daily mundane tasks of doing your best, collecting wealth and in the end, hopefully, prospering. Yet we often disregard our daily tasks as an unwanted burden placed on our laps like a wet dog. We sometimes cringe at challenges when we are unaware as to their potential reward.

The modern man is accustomed to taking challenges with an air of curiosity only compared to that wet dog. We look around to examine how to do that mentioned above, do our best, gain wealth, and prosper.

Only in America can we find a way to condition our children into just that, and no this is not a paid spot.

Could it really be?

We send them to receive a great education, ideally, learning to adapt to surroundings, pizza. No you say?

We expect them to perform their best and receive the reward through gaining a vast wealth of monetary tokens goods and experience...with tickets?

Yes my friends as many others have experienced the Chucky Cheese or Major Magic phenomena, I have fell victim.

She loves it. While my daughter is culturally diverse in many ways including ethnic makeup and civic awareness, nothing could have prepped this writer for the shock of capitalism pre K. Rarely do we find the youth collecting their fair share at the redemption counter. Or, which could be worse, the ticket tax. Never a child left to be seen with his pockets pulled out who has lost it all playing ski ball.

Run, play, gather, compete, strategic maneuvers, analyze in the name of Capit....oh wait, fun.

That's when reality strikes does it not? We see them in their youth enjoying the tasks we so take for granted. With a smile they invest capital for future payoff. Compete with fellow man in for the highest score in a plethora of activities, and when all is said and done, they come home to their private..oops again, race car beds.

Because when we see this positive take on the daily norms, it can be refreshing. No longer wincing at the thought of labor, just competing and enjoying the good life.

If only we all got a ticket for playing the game of life.

The decay of marriage and it's effects on our culture

Friends, yes it has come to my attention that, while mostly opinion, we as Americans need to realize the impact on marriage and its importance on not only our moral compass, but the future generations we so desire to succeed.

You see, there is a problem, not with only the marriage but also the foundation on which the vows are made. In this writers opinion, it is crucial to accept the matrimony as being that under God. The desire for some to polarize this sacred institution into a sexual, monetary or just overall selfish gain has led this gorgeous gift from God into a state of no identity or sense of belonging.

Let me illustrate. I enjoy chat rooms, gathering the public pulse, identifying opinions, the various degrees of human nature at it's worst. On a recent surfing voyage I was appalled to see what some writers would say, and imply to do, just for housing or even money. While I was not born yesterday and do to some degree know of the lack of morals some have, I was shocked to see such posts as being..."Sleep with my wife for money" and even.."Share my wife". I immediately flagged these comments as being unfit to read for anybody, but particularly unfit for the site I was visiting.

Could this be true? Would another or even a husband allow for such actions to be condoned under his roof and for that matter just ever?

In the comparatively small urban population of Grand Rapids, it could be by simple data gathering, that this is not a concentrated issue. I argue it is worldwide. In fact I argue this problem goes beyond borders and race and other distinctions. This issue is at the core of what we in our "right mind" like to call the problem.

The problem consists and is rooted not in political ideology or religious background. The problem is of a moral one. A moral issue that can penetrate generations into conforming with certain behaviors perceived.

Jena 6 lack of parental involvement

Saddam Hussein no father

Stalin's father was a drunk and wife beater

Hitler Parents were cousins and he was illegitimate

Idi Amin Abandoned by his father

Get the point!

Over lunch today, in code so my daughter could not decipher, my wife and I discussed the recent case concerning the federal prosecutor arrested recently, finally dead, for attempting to have ugh with a 5 year old girl. This tryst was set up allegedly with the girls parents. Good thing we were near completion of our meals, we nearly choked at the thought. But it was a sting to catch people like this. Which makes you wonder, how big is this problem. Original Story

Here it is again, The problem. Not from taxes or the economy, but the moral attitude and how we serve under God. Of course to mention God I am speaking of all the various religions my readers are aligned with. Because isn't that what religion does? I argue strong religious guidance in the walk of life would deter many of the social plights we see today and even possibly, cure The Problem.

So gentlemen, ladies and all of my esteemed readers, please remember, build your marriage on a strong belief in faith, be attentive, compassionate parents and someday the world will thank you.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad times in Michigan.....A lesson on principality.

Fact Check Tough Guy

Land of the Free or Land of the Entitled? I say free, let me tell you why. Our founding fathers wrote a great document, second to the Bible, explaining the wonderful unalienable rights we cherish through God. Yet with further research, I did not see healthcare, food stamps, guaranteed retirements or inflated bureaucracy. What I did see is a desire to be free from the burdens of a strong central government. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the rule of law is what I perceived, as many others have. Yet Michigan finds itself in quite the quagmire. For years as a whole the state has permeated this aurora of, “I breathe therefore…. give me a job, with perks….and days off…strong union wages……oh, and lifetime healthcare.”

That’s not freedom! The “needs” mentioned above, can be solved, not with bureaucracy, but with the freedom of personal responsibility and the rights taken away by the strong central government. We often dismiss the compassion among our fellow citizens to be selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. History has shown, given certain rough times that the freedom of Americans to make conscious decisions overwhelmingly favors those thought to be done by the legislature.

Where has the competition gone? Where has the personal responsibility gone? Expressive individualism has proven to work. I personally have noticed my wife spends my check better then I ever have. Please, instead of raising taxes Gov. Granholm, let my wife spend my check. As many in Michigan would agree, where is the freedom in taxing my income? What mathematician created the equation 4.6 x my check=freedom?

7.2% unemployment, a recent minimum wage increase, single state recession and a complicated new business tax. Now, the Governor feels we need to raise taxes to cut the states budget deficit. Michigan residents and businesses cringe at the thought. Raising expenses is not good for the profit margin or the savings. Did you know that Governor?

Slowly the tradition in Michigan is straying away from, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”… into “government of the government by the government, for, yes, government.”

Or is that your plan?

That’s unconstitutional.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Socio-Economic Struggle...

This article is from

A Tax Increase Is Not The Answer To Fighting Poverty by Akindele Akinyemi
By Akindele, Section News

Posted on Sun Sep 16, 2007 at 01:59:39 AM EST

African Americans are the only modern race of people in this country that created a political powerbase, before we created an economic powerbase. Think about it. No other race of people in America has taken this route, except for Blacks and to some degree, the Irish. The Irish plan has not worked out much better than ours has on the whole, but they had a few things going for them that Black America did not. Amongst them, they were not an enslaved people, legally prohibited from the basics, such as education, which in the 21st Century is, and will continue to be, the ultimate poverty eradication tool in America. Even our Latino brothers and sisters have gotten off on the right foot here. Say what you will about illegal immigration, Hispanic legal and illegal immigrants alike have learned something important about America, and quickly - you are nothing if not an owner or producer in this country.
I have been saying all along that missing this critical step of economic empowerment, ownership and the power of individual property rights early in our developmental process as a people in America, we wholeheartedly embraced the first true mainstream power that seemed to emerge from the fruits of the civil rights movement - political power. How wonderful. But political power without the underpinning of economic empowerment is a car without an engine.
Public policy in Michigan is principally designed around Michigan's first priority; economics and ownership. Individual property rights. Think about it - from tax breaks and other protections for homeowners, to incentives for the working class, to incentives for small businesses and major corporations alike.. it's all about owners and producers.
How many of us living in Detroit or other areas in Urban Michigan really care about a tax break unless you have a job? Do you really care about a bond issuance for infrastructure repairs or investment in your local community, unless you own a home or business? Frankly, those who are not owners or tax payers may not even know what others are talking about. It's a foreign language to those who are not owners or producers. And so, as a result we have effectively tied one hand behind the collective back of our political leadership; forcing them to pursue a doomed public policy strategy not of proactively protecting, enhancing and growing our own individual property rights, but rather a reactive, defensive "strategy" of trying to protect and preserve an ever decreasing pool of mostly entitlements and public subsidies.
In the One Network we believe that the emergence of a true Black stakeholder class in Urban Michigan we will no longer see homeowners as Black, White or brown, but green. We will see our urban, inner city communities not as wastelands, but emerging markets in Michigan, vastly under-served, and the last bastion of lost capitalism. A place of future riches.
We cannot bring this into fruition if we are always trying to raise taxes here in Michigan. Strangely, no side, Democrat or Republican, has come to an conclusion on how to solve the state's budget crisis. Both sides are blaming each other.
The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has given some solutions that I think would be a good alternative. I have listed a few below.
Change the higher education funding mechanism to a standard "per-pupil foundation grant" in which the money is attached to the students, rather than each university getting an amount determined by legislative maneuvering. As colleges were forced to compete for students, they would "sharpen their pencils," rein in costs and eliminate the kinds of inefficiencies highlighted in recent audit reports. If the effect was that costs fell by just 5 percent, the savings would be: $70 million.
Shift state police road patrols to less expensive county sheriff deputies. With benefits and related expenses it costs more than $100,000 per year to employ a state trooper; most sheriff deputies cost much less to employ. Effect on public safety: Zero. Savings: $65 million.
Adopt the Hay Group report recommendations on rationalizing public school health insurance, including requiring co-pays and preferred provider networks. This could save: $422 million.
Eliminate the Michigan State University cooperative extension service and agriculture experiment station to save: $61 million.
The original version of this list recommended halting the so-called "21st Century Jobs Fund" before it borrowed and spent $400 million. It's too late for that now: All but $33 million was spent before the 2006 election, and taxpayers will be repaying the debt for decades. At the very least, the bleeding can be stanched -- $75 million of what is being characterized as a "$1 billion state deficit" is new borrowing for this boondoggle. Skip it and save: $75 million.
According to a Rio Grande Foundation report, if 5 percent of prisoners are placed in privately-managed prisons, the state saves 14 percent on overall prison spending because government-managed prisons have an incentive to "sharpen their pencils." Savings: $192 million.
Eliminate "History and Arts" subsidies, and cut state library subsidies in half: $35 million.
The rest can be found at
Regardless of what the outcomes will be in the next few days (hopefully we will not see any tax increases) if we do not begin to combat financial illiteracy it will kill the hopes and dreams of literally millions of African Americans with the will to make it.
Full financial literacy should practically link itself to viable strategies for true economic empowerment, conversion (converting a check cashing mentality into a bank account mentality, a renters mentality into a homeownership mentality, etc.) and ownership in low-wealth communities.
While Democrats and Republicans battle it out in Lansing over tax increases let it be known if we truly want to eradicate poverty, if we truly want to create social change, if we truly want to make a difference in our community, we cannot do it on a partisan political basis. This may be bad news for some. But if we look at the social movers of our times -- Gandhi, King, Cesar Chavez, Mother Teresa -- respectfully, none were politicians. They were moral leaders who had the vision and a passion to make a difference.
This of course is not to say that political leadership is not important, but frankly, just the opposite. Not JUST political leadership, and surely more than just partisan political leadership, is needed for our true emergence as a people. Having strong spirit-centered leadership throughout the Black community, starting in our homes and in our individual lives, helps and strengthens our political leadership in Lansing.
So if we want to make a change, we have to do something really difficult. We have to work together; Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites, conservatives and liberals. We have to find a common ground.
In our Network when we talk about Genesis we teach people to believe in themselves. We do not conduct business with companies, governments, or organizations; we do business with people. Not just any type of business but business that will help transform urban ghettos into Christian communities.
The 20th century was about race and the color line. The 21st century is going to be about class and poverty. According to CNN, half of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. This is a 2001 report. By 2004, this figure was 70% living from paycheck to paycheck. There are more poor whites in America than poor anybody else. Do not let anybody tell you anything different.
We have to focus on spiritual wealth, emotional wealth, economic wealth, and especially educational wealth. Education is the ultimate poverty eradication tool. When you know better, you tend to do better!
It is not about making more money; it is about making better decisions with the money you make. You can make three million dollars and still spend five million. It does not matter.
If our elected officials in Lansing understood this simple concept we would not be sitting here talking about

Friday, August 31, 2007

Where we stand....Again...It's the Principality.

Considering the many emails I receive due to recent postings, I am asked, "What does principality clothing believe in?" Are you democrat or republican? Who is the principality choice for 08?

Principality Clothing believes in the American dream and the values of freedom our founders held so dear:

1. God

2. Family

3. Fortitude

4. Property

5. Freedom

What has happened to these core values that once made this nation great? Trending towards open secularism will only continue the decay of our founders legacy. Dependence on the state to handle matters best left to families in their own homes will also have the same effect.

We Believe To:

Dubiously undertaking the task to return our country to days of glory where the family unit wielded power similar to the strong central government we are burdened with currently.

Expressive Individualism in this context created the America foreigners crave to belong. So we despise this trait? Openly, the acceptance of separation of church and state as if the Almighty directly expressed this doctrine. We do not support this idea and hold true strong moral guidance, unlike civil, will create the America that is for America.

Principality Clothing will not hold true:

To the victimology belief plaguing minority communities be it from slavery, inequality, class struggles. The essence of freedom cannot co-exist with cultural race based distinctions leading directly to positive/negative results. Allowing others to dictate our autonomy will force the minority into complacency.

Firmly We Stand:

To protect the power of the individual in Gods image, the free markets and all that is right and true. Dissecting arguments based on subjective arguments that have somehow led our nation into the dark.

Recently as I pay attention to the news and current events I am shocked. Some might say "Shocked and Awed". Shocked over the huge polarizing topics that, by this point, need to be addressed in an open forum that will not be upheld to political influences.

Awed that this isn't happening.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Michael Vick...Wow.

Friends it is truly a bad day to drive me to use such language. While this blogger is against profanity, I feel compelled.

Michael Vick? What a dumb ass.

Perhaps a portion of lost Apocrypha.

The book of Dumb ass. Using gifts from God to exploit evil deeds.

To take God given talents such as athletic ability and to use them in a way to do harm, then lie, cheat and kill puppies, for monetary gain defies logic.

Was he not in his right mind? No. He knew what he was participating in was wrong.

Did he ask for forgiveness? No he continues the pattern of lies until forced to admit guilt. Partial guilt.

Mr. Vick needs to plead for forgiveness. Forget the excuses, shifting blame towards others and focus on getting right with God.

Less then 5% of the worlds population has Mr. Vick's talent. So in direct insult of these talents, he uses his good fortune to create wrong. Wrong in the public court system, federal court system and of course to the Almighty.

Mr. Vick, whats wrong? Did mama not kiss you enough? Maybe a puppy bit your leg or perhaps urinated on the rug?

You have no excuse. You, from your actions prior and proceeding this event, are horrible.

Jail, prison? No. Your sentence should be to help navigate the youth of this country from making judgements based on selfish gain and false assumptions of "cool".

Advanced lesson planning: How not to be a dumb ass.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Informed Voter....It's the Principality.

Guess who's back. Like Krispy Kremes. Not that long...I guess.

Friends there is an immediate danger upon us. It doesn't warrant filling the basement up with bottled water or canned goods. Although I think we will need duct tape.

Both sides are preparing for battle, even though only a few of the front runners have served in the military (later). Strategically gaining ground for a fight that will polarize Americans, pit brother versus brother and deter attention from the Michael Vick saga. Not it's not Gettysburg.

Election season has arrived. Put the boots on baby, dare I say it's getting thick.

The tours, the debates and the BS.

For this blogger in particular, the candidates running are potentially hazardous to some Americans.

Do they really understand the American public, or at least the 35% that will vote? I argue they do not. First and foremost, have you watched a democrat debate? It's not a debate, it's a pep rally. Shoving false propaganda down Americans that eat it up and cast a vote for complacency.

Vowing to change basic American principles that would negatively impact core values. What would increased government control of wages, health care and personal liberties do for the Middle Class? To that extent, why do candidates of both parties manipulate this group? Democrats pledge support to unions that betray the workers and drive businesses to outsource.
Who would support such anti-American values? Democrats.

This is the case for our urban communities that would have us believe these values so protected by leftist leaders our crucial for sustainable development. Raising taxes for the big government that has yet to yield positive results.

Does this sound familiar..."blah, blah, blah Education, jobs, health care, blah, blah, blah"

This is the exact phrase evasions used by politicians when courting for the urban vote.

Foxtrot, tango, Bravo, when will it end?

Do I need to remind these candidates this is the land of the free, not the entitled?

The leader of the Free world needs to understand impeding personal freedoms will eventually lead our great country from our founders intent of land of the free to land of the oppressed. Raising taxes, regulations and government spending limits the freedoms we so cherish.

While Principality Clothing will always be a steadfast conservative blog, we do want to highlight some potential issues that will impact our audience.

Free markets-This has and will always be a foundation for the United States. Protecting the freedom of trade needs to be governments objective, not the reverse to impede standards and take the big brother approach.

Government spending-In a recent email, I was informed the United States spend roughly 1 billion dollars in 8 hours. For what? For years the answer has always been to spend our way to prosperity for a quick fix. Look at what the urban community has done. Low graduation rates, higher welfare enrollment, less responsibility.

Moral issues-I fear this goes beyond gay marriage. This issue, when dealt with, could potentially negate the above topics. Where has our moral compass gone? Ignoring God and His will. Not so good. Imagine our country with God as president. Would there be an influx of abortions, divorces, and disgusting crimes? Probably not.

Yet the later half of the 20Th century until now has shown a direct disrespect for the rule of law. The same leftists that promote a collectivist society claiming allegiance to government. In which I argue, God given rights, as explained in the Constitution, should be protected by the state, not infringed.

While I am repulsed by Flavor Flav(the Roast of Flavor Flav was hysterical), his antics, narcissism and just overall nastiness. I do need to quote him directly............................

"Don't believe the hype."

Respect the power to vote. Be diligent in your research. Ask questions.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Poems of Knowledge. It's Serious.

A friend of mine, Eric X, recently showed me a poem he had written. I urge our readers to take a glance and let the words soak in.

Everybody's bad and everybody's tough, how many people are intelligent enough?
To open up there eyes and see through the lies, discipline themselves, yourself to stay alive.
Not many that's why the universe sent me today on this day with this to say,
The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer and in the final hour many heads will loose power,
what does the rich versus poor really mean, psychologically it means you have to pick your team when someone said the rich gets richer, visualize wealth and put yourself in the picture.
The rich get richer cause they work towards rich, the poor gets poorer cause there mind can't switch from ghetto.
Let's go, it's not a novelty you could love your neighborhood without loving poverty,
Follow me, every mother, father, son and daughter.
There's no reason to fear the new world order, we must order the whole new world to pay us, the new world order and the old state chaos
The big brother watching over you is a lie you see,
The black African Man can build his own Secret Society,
But first you and I got to unify
Stop the Niggativity and control our creativity,
Rich is getting richer, so why we ain't richer
Could it be, we are still thinking like niggas
Educate yourself, make your world view bigger
Visualize wealth and put yourself in the picture

Friday, August 3, 2007

Some say Thug...I prefer Entrepreneur ...Again It's the Principality.

Welcome back my friends! I know it's been awhile now....I apologize. College.

Moving on, have you noticed the increase in title association lately? No longer is a secretary a secretary, they are now known as executive assistants. The garbage man is a sanitation engineer.
I even had an Executive Director position last year, although I think the sanitation engineer was paid better.

My point put simply, is that we as a whole have become focused on what our title is to a point that salary, benefits and the like can be easily overlooked with director or manager somewhere in the job description.

Are these titles a way of identifying ourselves in a positive view? To some, yes.

Are these titles an easy way to meet friends? DUH!

Then why is their an increase in the amount of young adults easily identifying themselves as a thug? Of course these title's are made with the distinct idea of advancement, correct? Yet the thug mentality and the thoughts that coincide with it, are usually related to negative actions.

So I ask the young black men in the audience. The ones who have taken their life in their own hands, noticed the realms of opportunity in our nation and continued to go above and beyond expectations. Are you a Thug? How about gangster? Hustler maybe?

The other day I had a great conversation with my neighbor. I am comfortable in calling him a close associate. He asked me what I do for a living and I simply replied, "I sell insurance."
He replied with a smile, "So your kind of a corporate gangster, right."


"But you have your little side hustle, that's thug."

I replied with a glorious epiphany,


Isn't that true? The amount of creative energy embedded within the black community has changed pop culture movements, fashion, design, education, and business practices. I argue the young black entrepreneur has been dragged down by these false racial distinctions. Even in amusement, these terms can and will have the negative effect that the Thug, gangster, hustler labels ensue when used in common conversations, to dumb down, and decay the moral fabric it dearly tries to hold on to.

1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

2. an employer of productive labor; contractor. –verb (used with object)

3. to deal with or initiate as an entrepreneur. –verb (used without object)

4. to act as an entrepreneur.

1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2.(sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

1. A member of an organized group of criminals; a racketeer.
2. A member of a gang of delinquents.

1. Slang. a person who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money; swindler.

2. Informal. an expert gambler or game player who seeks out challengers, esp. unsuspecting amateur ones, in order to win money from them: He earned his living as a pool hustler.

3. Slang. a prostitute.

4. a person who hustles.

Even in slang uses, are these self distinctions conducive to a positive environment the black community as a whole craves for? I think not.

Many times in school, we divulge into personal stories such as where your from, ethnic makeup and parents occupation. Is a thug what we really want our kids to be aware of? I ask, on career day, do you want your child to introduce you as, "My daddy the gangsta, because cool people emphasize misspelling"? No. How about the unemployed ex-felon, would your daughter attend a sleepover at that house? I think not. In fact, I argue, it is in the best interest of the parents to disdain themselves from this community, as many do, to reach the best sources of upward mobility for their children.

Securing an education, through the tools abound in this country, living a life of sound moral character and pursuing those things productive in life will halt the cyclical downward spiral faced in urban communities. This does not take the state, it doesn't take FAKE burials of a historical word, it takes personal responsibility aligned with social awareness.

Fake burials, get fake results. I argue it is not the n-word itself that needs to be buried, but the attitude associated with it. Hip-hop, rap, whatever has taken the role of supposedly representing the black community in its pursuit of excellence. I argue it has had an adverse effect. Misogyny, violence, materialism. Does this really capture the sentiment in the anti violence, pro-education, state sponsored rhetoric of our black leaders? Then why, as leaders of the black community, do they promote the tools that let the cyclical trends continue?

Tu-PAC really helps me hammer home this point. A man cherished by many, missed by many and also adored by many in the black community was responsible for this two sided version of freedom. Take a listen.

So I argue, after that crap, simply shutting down the highway for a fake procession, in a city exuding the negative characteristics of said word, will not achieve the desired result.

Christian, entrepreneur, educated, mature, honest, loving...the list goes on.

So in rebuttal to the above link,

"I'd rather be a man of G-O-D, so I can live happy and free all day, raising a family, I know is right, gotta have good in your life."

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank God for construction!'s the principality.

Tis the season right? Traffic jams, road rage and detours can all lead to an unpleasant experience. Recently, in downtown Grand Rapids, a detour showed me the right way to handle the problems stemming from a broken path.

Have you ever been in a situation that has since passed, but you want to relive it? Rethinking the steps you could have done to alter the action it results in? I am sure we can all think of a time to do over; high school basketball game, first crush and that one bad math exam. Hindsight is brutal. It can keep men awake at night, crush aspirations and to the extreme, sever relationships.

Get the point? Act accordingly in respect to your morals and the universal belief in right and wrong.

In West Michigan, generally speaking, our morals are engraved from biblical scripture.

Whew. Here we go.

Wednesday evening, on the way to class, I was caught in the Michigan street rush hour which happened to coordinate with the Blues on the Mall (a weekly Wednesday musical concert).

Then it hit me. With no prior warning like an insult on all that is holy. A young man walking with a graphic T-shirt saying bluntly on the back, with no room for ambiguity, that "Jesus is a C**t."

Can you guess what I did? Apparently I'm still a free man, so no not that. With all my might and the numbers 1-10, I rolled down the window and asked, "So you think you're a tough guy?"

Continuing to walk, this young man looked back timidly and said, "People diss my religion all the time, why can't I do it?"

"Whats your religion?" I replied.


Can you imagine the blood flow at this point, be cool, count to 10, now 100.

These situations we are put in happen for a reason. God gives us the power, among others, to act accordingly and best represent the Christian faith.

So do I jump out of the car, push this man over the bridge for disrespecting my God?

No, God wouldn't want that. Look at 1 out 5 wristbands at the mall sometime and you will more then likely see What Would Jesus do?

I was reminded of the previous weeks sermon, in which the pastor brought up the Good Samaritan and how that applies to everyday life.

Due to the construction, I was able to catch up to this young man and offer him a ride. He accepted after asking me if I was going to beat him up. Of course not, I assured him and he jumped in.

He was going to the Blues on the Mall, just down the street. I asked him what happened to make him hate Christ that emphatically. He said, as many do, that he sees no God in everyday life, so why believe.

We talked about right and wrong, morality. I told him not to feel alone, because we have all had doubts in our faith at some point. I stressed the point that to ensue Jesus is such a thing was not warranted, he agreed.

As I dropped him off and we said our goodbyes I told him that Jesus loves you. God bless you brother and it's only in time.

Many would argue, "Are you crazy letting that man in your car? Who knows what type of serial killer that man is?"

But isn't a proactive approach beneficial when obviously this youth has been lead down the wrong path? Do we as Christians incite this hatred by ignoring these acts of obvious cries for help?

I think so. Without a doubt many vehicles before me saw this display, yet he was still walking.

Jesus' unspoken challenge to all believers seems to be: would we help only if it's convenient, or are we willing to go out of our way to show compassion to a stranger?

So in theory being backed up in traffic and taking a detour has allowed me to find a new path and, God willing, give others direction.

Amen for construction.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank you...An to an unlikely recipient

My daughter turned three today. She is beyond beautiful in every way. Her intelligence, physical stature, and cognitive thinking skills are far superior to her age group. I thank God through his Son for blessing me with such a gift that can only be described to be in His image. I thank my wife of three years who has, successfully, transformed this writer into a man of virtue.

The following is hard to say to a man whom I have little to no interest in. But I must, as Martin Luther said, is neither safe or honorable to act against conscience.

Thank you for raising such a kind, warm spirit that is my wife today. It is with my utmost attempt to raise my offspring in such a successful environment as she was privileged in. With ultimate sincerity I know my children will be a direct result of her doing through God and her moral intuitions, which you played a role in creating.
As the male head of household, I have felt the burdensome to balance the role of provider while pursuing personal success. Attributes you mastered, as shown in the final product.

Thank you for a loving, caring, earthly woman who has changed my life. From her is my life and her joy my motivation to succeed. To see her smile and know she's proud is the greatest gift on earth.

If only you knew.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Scooter's lets give Don Imus his job back. It's the principality

Argument 1: Don Imus used profane language when identifying the members of Rutgers women's basketball team.

Nappy headed Ho's? Whats wrong with that? When used in the entertainment medium, anything goes right? It was not defined profane by the FCC, so this argument is not valid.

Argument 2: The market decided it was so, not necessarily CBS.

Political agitation, threat of boycotts and the like were used by Rev. (ordained at 9 years old) Al Sharpton. A real sign of infinite regression, we actually believe what he has to say.

Argument 3: Nappy Headed Ho's, as used by Don Imus, does not describe these women properly and therefore used as inappropriately.

Stupid...Create a slang library cross reference website so this type of mistake does not happen again. Or simply, do not place the word in pop culture if you could be offended by the usage.

Argument 4: Don Imus is a racist.

Whiskey tango foxtrot, are we really surprised by that statement. While I am not a fan of his show and saw the jest of it during the recent debacle, civil rights are civil rights and to take away the mans ability to earn an income due to offensive language a segment of the population takes personally, is in effect, violating civil rights. Where do we draw the line?

Say what you will concerning Don Imus, I don't know him and as I said above, not a fan of his work. I am a fan, however, of civil rights. Civil rights that promote freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Across all racial divides, institutional racism will only fuel hate. In our land of the free, I wish it was handled differently to fully display the rights we cherish.

Again, it's the principality.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freedom? or a reason to party?

Our forefathers would delight knowing how we spend the Fourth as a whole chasing the freedoms they fought for including drinking, driving, drinking +driving and all the debauchery insinuated to be freedoms, or better yet, an excuse to do the above mentioned. Independence? In a perfect world from above, the celebration should not be focused on extending the liberties to an undefined crucible, instead, we should find our enjoyment from remembering the history behind fighting for the liberties we so take for granted founded in expressive individualism. America the free, to an extent, America, the Land of the Free, home of the Free. I believe Kansas said it best, and I translate loosely, "If you want your freedoms that you say is yours, how do you deserve it, how must you preserve it, if you don't do these things, freedom is words and nothing more..." then the famous fiddle!

Truly our founders had the vision of this wonderful free land to be overwhelmed in celebration of its freedom to be the highest selling day of beer, right? I will never denounce the power of the consumer, but to this degree?
Last night my neighbor used this excuse of celebrating freedom to play his music ungodly loud at 4am.
Ben Franklin would be delighted.
Maybe the Francis Scott Key remix..."O say can you party."


Freedom is, of course, freedom within the natural law? Then how can we justify exercising freedoms that impede on others intent to do just that?

Trick question, we can't.

So let us celebrate our freedom to be loud, keep other people awake with fireworks and club bumping music, pursue indiscretions for the other sex, and ignore God.

Because honestly, freedoms from God will always trump freedoms thought to be given by the state. How do we celebrate his glory through the overwhelming masses doing the dirty deeds?
This is how we start to see what is freedom through his mercy and salvation.

Delight in the fiddle.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Proper English is needed for advancement. It be the Principality.

Aks me how I be. Do it...... I be good.

Does this phrasing sound familiar? Hopefully not to my linguistically advanced readers, whom I call English speaking citizens. The point, my friends, is to define what is appropriate language in this society. Furthermore, where has it gone? Why is it common to accept ignorance in the world.
I had a great conversation with a young black man in class the other day. I said simply, "How are you doing?" He said I am well...WELL. The appropriate response to my question. As we all know you are not currently in the act of outward kindness, so you can't be doing GOOD.
It was a pleasure to see such proper verbal evasion.
Is this action warranted? Can I say, within my blackness (satire), that this young mans actions are to be deemed white? Not white in color of course, but white in culture association? Could there be a definition within societies framework that explains color oriented communication?

The other day I went to my trusted barber. I use possession because he is my barber, a great barber at that. I have known this gentlemen for nearly 3 years and have been going to this particular shop for at least 5 years. As always we discuss current events, sports, gossip and politics. Yes politics at the barber shop. He told me of a customer that is a brother yet he isn't really. What was he implying? "He's black but he really isn't, you know what I mean...he talks real white." I said yes, because I do. He is implying that this person is not black because he talks proper English. Confusing? I was too, well not really I just wanted to invoke a discussion. I asked "What does it mean to be black".

So what is it? To be a certain mold eschewed from hip hop videos and BET. To be black is to vote democrat. To be black is to claim the language of Ebonics. Right?
I disagree with the above mentioned. Assigning racial distinctions, self inflicted racial distinctions only create divide, divide causes lack of trust; and yes lack of trust fuels the fire of hate.
Could we not just label this person different from the mold, odd, or just stupid? A term that crosses all racial lines.
I am sure this gentlemen feels, like me, proud of his heritage and the wisdom shown through generations of expressive individualism.
The attitude of insulting proper English is spreading like a virus in all of our communities. This will have an adverse consequence; dumbing down the youth we so desire to have an advanced education.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Am I my Brothers Keeper? Seriously am I? It's the principality.

Recently at work(I sell insurance and work at a hotel) Two black youths came in at roughly 3am for two rooms with two adults in each room. Obviously for youthful indiscretions...admitted youthful indiscretions. Kids. They continued to haggle on price and the promise of a side piece of payment for my help in allowing them to check in for 2 nights instead of one. The excuse for me to help them was of course the monetary perks involved but also because we share a physical trait that trumps any morality, ideology, and for that matter values.

Can you guess?? Being BLACK.

While I fully love my heritage and the history behind it, is that reason enough to fraud my employer and to that extent condone the debauchery? We have all had youthful indiscretions I am sure, at what point do we define them as just that and not a catapult for an "Al Sharpton moment"?

As stated in earlier links on this site, truly there is a need for a new civil rights movement for the black community that does not rest on the laurels of "being black" or "false sense of entitlement".

"Why don't you want to give back?" I am often asked.

Giving..Giving period is crucial to a sound civil society. What, in this context, would I be giving?

Giving the argument of "Come on a brother...hook me up" any time of day is giving to the leftist view of entitlement racial discrimination.

Giving...To the church, to my family, giving my time to citizens seriously considering the path to individual upward mobility. Yes. You name the time and place and I will be there early.

In fact, my wife often points out my charity among this group. Whether it's my "gracious tip" to the young entrepreneurs selling lemonade down the street or my dedication to the door to door youngster with a runny nose and a shovel on a wintry weekend morning trying to shovel the effects of the previous nights ice storm. Personally, I want to support these deeds, through being a consumer of their respective services. Promoting thrift and hard work will generally cultivate the youth our generation desperately needs to thereby negate the future "entitlement society."

To give in to this idea that as a black man, faced with "black issues", spouted from our "black leaders", that are in direct relation to our "black communities" is atrocious.

I ask all races...Have you struggled? Have you felt the heavy burden of life? Life is hard on it's own....continued separation and racial polarization will continue the burden.

Racism exists, always will I am afraid, in our schools, private sectors virtually in all realms of life. Increasingly it has become taboo in many circles, what we are starting to see is not racism, but racial be discussed later.

Cleavages, while crucial, should not be used for pandering and displacing responsibility.

Through God and the God given liberties...not limited to but including the right to life, to prosper, bear fruit(personal favorite; Number 2 is en route..Praise God), the free market, and all the nature on earth.

The gentlemen and I had a lenghty discussion on the above and they decided on one night was sufficient and we exchanged contact information.

Lets focus on what we have as His children versus ambassadors of the evil one.

Pay your Tithe....It's the Principality

Old Testament saints offered God a tenth of their increase, known as a tithe. Abraham gave Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God, a tenth of the spoils from his victory over the Mesopotamian kings (Gen. 14:20). Jacob, Abraham's grandson, promised to give God a tithe of his possessions if God would grant him protection and blessing (Gen. 28:22). The law of Moses made tithing mandatory for the people of Israel (Lev. 27:30-2; Deut. 14:22-3). Malachi, the last prophet during the Old Testament era, rebuked the nation for neglecting the tithes that God had required (Mal. 3:8-10).

Can you imagine a world where we all paid our tithe? The amount given to the local churches and the impact on our local communities would be huge. Gone the days of government ran social programs bloated with bureaucracy. A state mandate of paying your tithe would promote social/moral order.

The next time we as Americans look to the state for assistance be it emergency aid relief, uninsured/health care issues, and other social plights, turn to the church. The church that has, and rightfully so, burdened many of these social plaques. Look to the church to fill the void of compassion all to forgotten by state run facilities when dealing with these constant issues.

God gave us all our freedoms we currently hold for granted. Was it not God who gave us our freedoms Including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? I ask why do we (as a whole) feel compelled to pay our taxes to a state for its civil services(which to a point I agree) yet often disregard the provider for the "blessings" he has given to us through his Son?

When selecting a presidential candidate for 08, please keep in mind we need a president of strong moral character. Are we to judge these traits of rhetoric or action? Why vote for a candidate that demands increased government activity when dealing with social welfare?

Always from an objective point of view, we like to discuss these and more matters here, in an open, non-discriminatory forum.

For more related readings:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Please read in detail

Something to look over

This is deep, so take your time.

Why Did You Make Me Black Lord .... Lord .... Why did you make me black? Why did you make someone the world would hold back? Black is the color of dirty clothes, of grimy hands and feet... Black is the color of darkness, of tired beaten streets... Why did you give me thick lips, a broad nose and kinky hair? Why did you create someone Who receives the hated stare?
Black is the color of the bruised eye when someone gets hurt... Black is the color of darkness, black is the color of dirt. Why is my bone structure so thick, my hips and cheeks so high? Why are my eyes brown, and not the color of the sky? Why do people think I'm useless? How come I feel so used? Why do people see my skin and think I should be abused? Lord, I just don't understand... What is it about my skin? Why is it some people want to hate me and not know the person within? Black is what people are "Labeled" when others want to keep them away... Black is the color of shadows cast... Black is the end of the day. Lord you know my own people mistreat me, and you know this just ain't right... They don't like my hair, they don't like my skin, as they say I'm too dark or too light! Lord, don't you think it's time to make a change? Why don't you redo creation and make everyone the same?
GOD's Reply: Why did I make you black? Why did I make you black? I made you in the color of coal from which beautiful diamonds are formed... I made you in the color of oil, the black gold which keeps people warm. Your color is the same as the rich dark soil that grows the food you need... Your color is the same as the black stallion and panther, Oh what majestic creatures indeed! All colors of the heavenly rainbow can be found throughout every nation... When all these colors are blended, you become my greatest creation! Your hair is the texture of lamb's wool, such a beautiful creature is he... I am the shepherd who watches them, I will ALWAYS watch over thee! You are the color of the midnight sky, I put star glitter in your eyes... There's a beautiful smile hidden behind your pain... That's why your cheeks are so high! You are the color of dark clouds from the hurricanes I create in September... I made your lips so full and thick, so when you kiss...they will remember! Your stature is strong, your bone structure thick to withstand the burden of time... The reflection you see in the mirror, that image that looks back,..that is MINE! So get off your knees, look in the mirror and tell me what you see? I didn't make you in the image of darkness... I made you in the image of ME!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Does socialism even work? Why is this always looked at as the easy solution to poverty? Again, It's the principality.

Time for a new civil rights movement? It's the principality.

Lately as I sit in my domicile, watching the passerbys, I think of our past civil rights leaders spinning in their respective graves over the plight and the path of our sacred black community. As always from an objective point of view, lets examine some crucial evidence pertaining to this subject.

The above mentioned sites relate the visionary struggles we as black Americans face.

When will we bust the chains of slavery once and for all?

Why is the barometer for social success set on the white culture standards?

Please discuss in an open matter as to promote discussion.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

STOP WILLIE LYNCH! It's the principality.

Great subject for the first post!!

Whether you believe the hype or not, the Willie Lynch phenomen is worth looking into objectively.

Please visit the following links(Again, keep an open mind):

It is with these links that hopefully a discussion can ensue from what we perceive to be reality or just merely a hoax. From these readings, one sees a pattern of shifting blame and finding resolution. Are we, them, myself to blame? Truly the root of this discussion is perplexed and wide open.....creating a dialogue to the truth or hoax of this mess will certainly educate us all.