Friday, June 22, 2007

Am I my Brothers Keeper? Seriously am I? It's the principality.

Recently at work(I sell insurance and work at a hotel) Two black youths came in at roughly 3am for two rooms with two adults in each room. Obviously for youthful indiscretions...admitted youthful indiscretions. Kids. They continued to haggle on price and the promise of a side piece of payment for my help in allowing them to check in for 2 nights instead of one. The excuse for me to help them was of course the monetary perks involved but also because we share a physical trait that trumps any morality, ideology, and for that matter values.

Can you guess?? Being BLACK.

While I fully love my heritage and the history behind it, is that reason enough to fraud my employer and to that extent condone the debauchery? We have all had youthful indiscretions I am sure, at what point do we define them as just that and not a catapult for an "Al Sharpton moment"?

As stated in earlier links on this site, truly there is a need for a new civil rights movement for the black community that does not rest on the laurels of "being black" or "false sense of entitlement".

"Why don't you want to give back?" I am often asked.

Giving..Giving period is crucial to a sound civil society. What, in this context, would I be giving?

Giving the argument of "Come on a brother...hook me up" any time of day is giving to the leftist view of entitlement racial discrimination.

Giving...To the church, to my family, giving my time to citizens seriously considering the path to individual upward mobility. Yes. You name the time and place and I will be there early.

In fact, my wife often points out my charity among this group. Whether it's my "gracious tip" to the young entrepreneurs selling lemonade down the street or my dedication to the door to door youngster with a runny nose and a shovel on a wintry weekend morning trying to shovel the effects of the previous nights ice storm. Personally, I want to support these deeds, through being a consumer of their respective services. Promoting thrift and hard work will generally cultivate the youth our generation desperately needs to thereby negate the future "entitlement society."

To give in to this idea that as a black man, faced with "black issues", spouted from our "black leaders", that are in direct relation to our "black communities" is atrocious.

I ask all races...Have you struggled? Have you felt the heavy burden of life? Life is hard on it's own....continued separation and racial polarization will continue the burden.

Racism exists, always will I am afraid, in our schools, private sectors virtually in all realms of life. Increasingly it has become taboo in many circles, what we are starting to see is not racism, but racial be discussed later.

Cleavages, while crucial, should not be used for pandering and displacing responsibility.

Through God and the God given liberties...not limited to but including the right to life, to prosper, bear fruit(personal favorite; Number 2 is en route..Praise God), the free market, and all the nature on earth.

The gentlemen and I had a lenghty discussion on the above and they decided on one night was sufficient and we exchanged contact information.

Lets focus on what we have as His children versus ambassadors of the evil one.

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