Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chucky Cheese and the American Way.

Interesting how life works, isn't it? The daily mundane tasks of doing your best, collecting wealth and in the end, hopefully, prospering. Yet we often disregard our daily tasks as an unwanted burden placed on our laps like a wet dog. We sometimes cringe at challenges when we are unaware as to their potential reward.

The modern man is accustomed to taking challenges with an air of curiosity only compared to that wet dog. We look around to examine how to do that mentioned above, do our best, gain wealth, and prosper.

Only in America can we find a way to condition our children into just that, and no this is not a paid spot.

Could it really be?

We send them to receive a great education, ideally, learning to adapt to surroundings, pizza. No you say?

We expect them to perform their best and receive the reward through gaining a vast wealth of monetary tokens goods and experience...with tickets?

Yes my friends as many others have experienced the Chucky Cheese or Major Magic phenomena, I have fell victim.

She loves it. While my daughter is culturally diverse in many ways including ethnic makeup and civic awareness, nothing could have prepped this writer for the shock of capitalism pre K. Rarely do we find the youth collecting their fair share at the redemption counter. Or, which could be worse, the ticket tax. Never a child left to be seen with his pockets pulled out who has lost it all playing ski ball.

Run, play, gather, compete, strategic maneuvers, analyze in the name of Capit....oh wait, fun.

That's when reality strikes does it not? We see them in their youth enjoying the tasks we so take for granted. With a smile they invest capital for future payoff. Compete with fellow man in for the highest score in a plethora of activities, and when all is said and done, they come home to their private..oops again, race car beds.

Because when we see this positive take on the daily norms, it can be refreshing. No longer wincing at the thought of labor, just competing and enjoying the good life.

If only we all got a ticket for playing the game of life.

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