Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cash for reliable clunkers

It has come to my attention that the government is possibly overpaying for junkers. That is, they are inflating the price for perfectly fine automobiles in an effort to boost consumer car sales and to benefit a greener environment.

While I applaud the effort, again this is policy with good intentions and little substance. Let me explain. Upwards of $4500 was given via tax credits, as an incentive to trade in old, gas clunkers for newer and fuel efficient vehicles. However, for the dealers to qualify for the reimbursement they had to destroy the vehicle and send proof to the gov. By now we have all heard of the friend of a friend that traded in a $1000 car for the $4500 tax credit and financed little to nothing on their newer car. That's great. I think we all support a great deal. But at the governments expense? Surely there are individuals, (think you at 16), that could have used these beaters as means of transportation? Surely there are families and single mothers who would love to not have to use public transportation. A reliable vehicle frees many of us to look for work, take trips, be in charge of our own destiny.

But now those beaters are in a scrap yard. Now the old reliable gas guzzler is unable to serve its purpose. Now the used parts dealers are in flux as to where to go for parts.

All the while our country continues to mount debt in the quest for egalitarianism.
Such decisions, such as cash for clunkers, reinforces the ideals of a puppet master government.