Sunday, June 24, 2007

Proper English is needed for advancement. It be the Principality.

Aks me how I be. Do it...... I be good.

Does this phrasing sound familiar? Hopefully not to my linguistically advanced readers, whom I call English speaking citizens. The point, my friends, is to define what is appropriate language in this society. Furthermore, where has it gone? Why is it common to accept ignorance in the world.
I had a great conversation with a young black man in class the other day. I said simply, "How are you doing?" He said I am well...WELL. The appropriate response to my question. As we all know you are not currently in the act of outward kindness, so you can't be doing GOOD.
It was a pleasure to see such proper verbal evasion.
Is this action warranted? Can I say, within my blackness (satire), that this young mans actions are to be deemed white? Not white in color of course, but white in culture association? Could there be a definition within societies framework that explains color oriented communication?

The other day I went to my trusted barber. I use possession because he is my barber, a great barber at that. I have known this gentlemen for nearly 3 years and have been going to this particular shop for at least 5 years. As always we discuss current events, sports, gossip and politics. Yes politics at the barber shop. He told me of a customer that is a brother yet he isn't really. What was he implying? "He's black but he really isn't, you know what I mean...he talks real white." I said yes, because I do. He is implying that this person is not black because he talks proper English. Confusing? I was too, well not really I just wanted to invoke a discussion. I asked "What does it mean to be black".

So what is it? To be a certain mold eschewed from hip hop videos and BET. To be black is to vote democrat. To be black is to claim the language of Ebonics. Right?
I disagree with the above mentioned. Assigning racial distinctions, self inflicted racial distinctions only create divide, divide causes lack of trust; and yes lack of trust fuels the fire of hate.
Could we not just label this person different from the mold, odd, or just stupid? A term that crosses all racial lines.
I am sure this gentlemen feels, like me, proud of his heritage and the wisdom shown through generations of expressive individualism.
The attitude of insulting proper English is spreading like a virus in all of our communities. This will have an adverse consequence; dumbing down the youth we so desire to have an advanced education.

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