Friday, December 14, 2007

No to Universal Healthcare...

Often we like to think of what we are entitled to as Americans. In fact, we even take them for granted. Education, public safety the list goes on. Is the power to enhance and sustain these freedoms through the big brother mentality?
I argue it is not. Now, I could easily dictate contemporary political thought on the subject explaining what is freedom, how it operates amongst fellow man. But why? When we could all just listen to Kansas.
As mentioned in earlier posts, please delight in the fiddle, but then take a step back and think of what it means to be free. When freedom is words and nothing more. Election season reminds us of this empty rhetoric does it not?
That we ultimately have come to expect freedoms handed to us, as argued by a hippie friend of mine, "It's like a big government cookie jar, and we can grab from it for personal use."
Well hippie friend, I disagree. The nation finds itself in quite the predicament. Protecting the freedoms or increasing the handouts. Securing freedom in the tradition of our founding fathers would in effect limit the cookie jar handouts.
I have to say, this take selfish mentality is proving to be costly and ineffective. Could one say the government cookie jar is responsible for protecting the contents of the cookie jar, if that is in effect the "freedom bowl".
Then what do we do hippie friend. Let another man determine what is a freedom and what constitutes a cookie jar freedom?
Principality Clothing is against universal health care for this same purpose.Currently, 15% are uninsured. So 15% constitutes a transformative policy measure that would collapse the present structure of insurance, healthcare and the competitive features of this practice?
Furthermore, the declaration of health insurance as a civil or human right is unnecessary. God determines the human, the state determines the civil and the electorate votes for legislators as to how policies that protect and preserve freedom are implemented.
The same hippie tactics that kills babies is constantly overlooked when deciding governments role in our lives.
Choice. The lack of which, will continue to grant elites power in determining legislation.
Delight in the fiddle Baby.

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