Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another daughter moment.

Yes she did it again. My three year old daughter has forced this author to dictate story time.

After a long weekend with her grandparents, she was dropped off and during the standard Michigan extended goodbyes mentioned what we as Americans often take for granted.

She told her grandfather to, "Take care of your wife".

She knows and loves "Gammy". She in fact spoke to her minutes before her proclamation.
But the question of perception at such a young age is intriguing.

I often mistake in this arena as well. Surely I love my wife. But to take care of her is to not merely be a provider or being able to "lift 500lbs.", as she reminds me.

It is to comfort, listen and understand. If graded on a 4.0 scale, I would be nearing academic probation. I attend the appropriate sessions of study, yet fail at least once a month.

She understands. Forgives my weakness and moves on. Not a grudge is held by my wife. I hope.

I think that's the lesson? Compassion. Attempted Civil compromise yet one sided civil compromise in most instances. But in reality, my wife runs the show. I have the utmost confidence in her parental abilities as evident by my daughters intelligence.

But it is hard as many would agree. But worth it. To grow with another under one shared goal of paternal success is gorgeous. A great experience that could only be lived not explained to.

At least that's what I think now.

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