Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good bye old friend.

It was almost 4 years to the day we met. I was between relationships at the time. And you provided the security, stability I longed for. Such a void was filled in my heart by your presence. Yet I disrespected you. Often made petty excuses of our union. People would laugh at the presence of us both and I would in turn disrespect my devotion for our adventures. Citing economic forces for our supposed false unity.

You were with me when I met my wife. She grew to love you as much as I now do. You provided a rock of surety in shaky times. Stepping up to the plate when called on. Yet I still took you for granted.

When my daughter was born, you were with us.

You accompanied my wife and I on many trips, in which we would question your integrity, yet time and again you came through.

But now we walk ignore you. Making new relationships that have symbolized the economic climb we so desired as broke college students. Your stability was paramount in such trying times. I'm sorry.

Sorry for ignoring your needs that eventually led to your demise. Sorry for disrespecting your role in our family.

It is with that said, I will not throw you to the wolves to be discarded with no sanctity. Torn limb from precious limb for a measly $200.

My goal is to keep you close. To serve as a sign to future Lewis generations of your thrift and hard work that established safety for us.

So please remember, you were the rock we needed and will never forget.

You are my 95 Crown Victoria.

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