Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freedom? or a reason to party?

Our forefathers would delight knowing how we spend the Fourth as a whole chasing the freedoms they fought for including drinking, driving, drinking +driving and all the debauchery insinuated to be freedoms, or better yet, an excuse to do the above mentioned. Independence? In a perfect world from above, the celebration should not be focused on extending the liberties to an undefined crucible, instead, we should find our enjoyment from remembering the history behind fighting for the liberties we so take for granted founded in expressive individualism. America the free, to an extent, America, the Land of the Free, home of the Free. I believe Kansas said it best, and I translate loosely, "If you want your freedoms that you say is yours, how do you deserve it, how must you preserve it, if you don't do these things, freedom is words and nothing more..." then the famous fiddle!

Truly our founders had the vision of this wonderful free land to be overwhelmed in celebration of its freedom to be the highest selling day of beer, right? I will never denounce the power of the consumer, but to this degree?
Last night my neighbor used this excuse of celebrating freedom to play his music ungodly loud at 4am.
Ben Franklin would be delighted.
Maybe the Francis Scott Key remix..."O say can you party."


Freedom is, of course, freedom within the natural law? Then how can we justify exercising freedoms that impede on others intent to do just that?

Trick question, we can't.

So let us celebrate our freedom to be loud, keep other people awake with fireworks and club bumping music, pursue indiscretions for the other sex, and ignore God.

Because honestly, freedoms from God will always trump freedoms thought to be given by the state. How do we celebrate his glory through the overwhelming masses doing the dirty deeds?
This is how we start to see what is freedom through his mercy and salvation.

Delight in the fiddle.

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