Sunday, November 4, 2007

The N-word, misrepresentation and common sense....

Looking at my upcoming schedule and the events that demand my attention, I am compelled to dismiss rational thinking and address the conflict that currently mandates a new post.
Because it is the principality.

Original Story

Nigger. There, are you happy. I said it. And in all my blackness I will be protected. I won't get fired, nor will be subject to cruel and unusual punishment in the media. I am just a college blogger though. Immune from the lights and fame that should now be known as the "realm of double standards".

You see, it's not the word itself that is subject to such dispute. It is the orator of said word that is under scrutiny. By no means would the verdict from the court of public opinion be held to face value in the criminal justice system, but nonetheless, those of non-Hispanic Caucasian origin are compelled to apologize and go to counseling, then rehab, seek forgiveness, and of course, kiss the ass of all dark skinned people in a 50 mile radius if they utter nigger.

If we as African Americans continue creating racial distinctions in our society, then we will be treated as such. Like nurtured babies we continue to rely on the government through political agitation for equality. Yet the equality we pursue is directly related to the equality our leaders exude to others which has resulted in policies in the urban community based around this idea that African Americans should be held to a different standard and therefore receive political reparations that in no way increase graduation rates or other factors resulting in upward mobility. Soaring like a vulcher to search out the next victim of their "boycott", these leaders carry themselves in a way that deters attention from responsible decisions being made at the state and local level that could alleviate modern dilemmas in the black community.

Don Imus, Dog, LBJ, FDR, and a plethora, dare I say a cornucopia of others have said nigger.

But we want to cry. We want equality that is falsely based on recognizing our past plight. Our leaders who are to be fighting for true responsibility, are still crusading to define Black America.
Yet Black America is America, and like all Americans, free. Free from distinctions that create a lower class of citizens.

So if my argument is not enough to convince you these actions are wrong, what more can I say besides...

Nigger please.

Oh no you did int. Yes, I did int.

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