Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welfare Wal-Mart. It does not deserve a principality tag.

Below is what Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue had to say concerning the $27 million Kent County Human Services building.
"It will be almost like one-stop shopping in terms of health, social services and welfare," said Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue. "They could call it the Department of Health, Human Services and Welfare."

Original Story

Terrific, I can't wait. A shopping mall for the entitled. Almost Wal-Mart esgue in its purpose. So now, money that could be used for increasing said entitlements, is spent on increasing the experience of the entitled. Because really, who wants to accept handouts in such an uninviting atmosphere that is the current Kent County FIA?

Maybe that should be the goal. Not because locals are selfish, but help can be found in other venues. In fact, I argue, lets use a portion to grime the building down some more. Maybe it would never have visitors again. And, if all goes well, the $27 million dollars could be used to create wealth in the Grand Rapids community. Surely, tuition at a public university could be covered with those funds? So, instead of investing in future endeavors that could lead some out of the cyclical trends of poverty. We build a welfare Wal-Mart.

Because everyone loves Wal-Mart.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Disrespect common law and be...... rewarded?

Ah yes, how can we be so blind? No longer is a college degree, good credit and even just being motivated by goodness precursors for fame. I know I cannot believe it myself. If only some friends and I beat some skinny white kid, then maybe I could be a host on BET.

Read the story here Original Story.

Is this America? The land where we reward criminal behavior with near celebrity status?

This sends a great message to our children. Not only does violence, grotesque violence set the tone for another Al Sharpton moment, you too can be on BET.

Just think kiddies. No school. No church. Just good old American public relations with a big pinch of victomology simply mix and spin heavily let simmer in the front page, blogosphere and hyped up rhetoric....Blow

The American Dream.

Some of my readers might say to the above.

"Oh no you didint."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keep it Hood....Yes..It is the Principality .

Yes. Keep it hood. What could he mean you ask?

Last night my daughter mentioned she wanted her snack that she was holding on to throughout the day. My wife and I determined that she could have said snack before bed. She was not happy and declared the snack was "mines". Now at two years old, singular and incorrect verb evasions is understandable. My wife and I corrected her at once, reminding her that mine is correct and mines, is well, like my wife said, ghetto.
Open up the flood gates of questions, whats ghetto my daughter asked.
Quick with the response, I told her ghetto stands for ignorance, bad, not smart and to not be that which is exudes intelligence.

This past week, TI was arrested for trying to buy machine guns and a silencer from an undercover ATF narc. Ironically he also won two BET awards the same night. In which, according to Original Story the others partaking in the awards "held it down for him and also represented TI". Busta Rhymes, who is not fond of our nations finest, yelled exuberantly "Free TI". Because really, the man was just trying to grow his weapons cache. So what if he is an ex-con? What does the law have to do with this?

I know the answer. He was keeping it hood. Honestly, does he need more guns or for that matter protection? No. The real issue is TI being one with the streets that has supposed to make him famous and keeping the aurora of tough guy, millionaire tough guy, and don't forget BET tough guy.

Instead of sending a trusted confidant to look into aggressive investment strategies or hedge fund opportunities, TI in all his wisdom is looking for guns. Guns that have continued to plaque the streets that TI has talked about in his music and philanthropy.

I argue if it is the mission of such entertainers to provide and be role models as many claim, then why buy guns, in an Atlanta shopping mall parking lot, from one of your bodyguards? Keeping it hood perhaps.

Funny enough, it does not stop there. Should this man who has openly performed a probation violation, be lauded with praise at the Black entertainment awards? No. Bob Johnson, did not create Black Exploitation, rather Black Entertainment Television. But hasn't it become just that?

106 and park, misogyny, lack of proper language. Not the education advancements or even assimilation. Bringing down the proud race that is black America.

But nevertheless, they as a network and those they market to are content to proven complacency and enforcing the statistical evidence of the dumbing down of black America.

Ironically, all are in agreeance to, keeping it hood.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chucky Cheese and the American Way.

Interesting how life works, isn't it? The daily mundane tasks of doing your best, collecting wealth and in the end, hopefully, prospering. Yet we often disregard our daily tasks as an unwanted burden placed on our laps like a wet dog. We sometimes cringe at challenges when we are unaware as to their potential reward.

The modern man is accustomed to taking challenges with an air of curiosity only compared to that wet dog. We look around to examine how to do that mentioned above, do our best, gain wealth, and prosper.

Only in America can we find a way to condition our children into just that, and no this is not a paid spot.

Could it really be?

We send them to receive a great education, ideally, learning to adapt to surroundings, and......eat pizza. No you say?

We expect them to perform their best and receive the reward through gaining a vast wealth of monetary tokens goods and experience...with tickets?

Yes my friends as many others have experienced the Chucky Cheese or Major Magic phenomena, I have fell victim.

She loves it. While my daughter is culturally diverse in many ways including ethnic makeup and civic awareness, nothing could have prepped this writer for the shock of capitalism pre K. Rarely do we find the youth collecting their fair share at the redemption counter. Or, which could be worse, the ticket tax. Never a child left to be seen with his pockets pulled out who has lost it all playing ski ball.

Run, play, gather, compete, strategic maneuvers, analyze in the name of Capit....oh wait, fun.

That's when reality strikes does it not? We see them in their youth enjoying the tasks we so take for granted. With a smile they invest capital for future payoff. Compete with fellow man in for the highest score in a plethora of activities, and when all is said and done, they come home to their private..oops again, race car beds.

Because when we see this positive take on the daily norms, it can be refreshing. No longer wincing at the thought of labor, just competing and enjoying the good life.

If only we all got a ticket for playing the game of life.

The decay of marriage and it's effects on our culture

Friends, yes it has come to my attention that, while mostly opinion, we as Americans need to realize the impact on marriage and its importance on not only our moral compass, but the future generations we so desire to succeed.

You see, there is a problem, not with only the marriage but also the foundation on which the vows are made. In this writers opinion, it is crucial to accept the matrimony as being that under God. The desire for some to polarize this sacred institution into a sexual, monetary or just overall selfish gain has led this gorgeous gift from God into a state of no identity or sense of belonging.

Let me illustrate. I enjoy chat rooms, gathering the public pulse, identifying opinions, the various degrees of human nature at it's worst. On a recent surfing voyage I was appalled to see what some writers would say, and imply to do, just for housing or even money. While I was not born yesterday and do to some degree know of the lack of morals some have, I was shocked to see such posts as being..."Sleep with my wife for money" and even.."Share my wife". I immediately flagged these comments as being unfit to read for anybody, but particularly unfit for the site I was visiting.

Could this be true? Would another or even a husband allow for such actions to be condoned under his roof and for that matter just ever?

In the comparatively small urban population of Grand Rapids, it could be by simple data gathering, that this is not a concentrated issue. I argue it is worldwide. In fact I argue this problem goes beyond borders and race and other distinctions. This issue is at the core of what we in our "right mind" like to call the problem.

The problem consists and is rooted not in political ideology or religious background. The problem is of a moral one. A moral issue that can penetrate generations into conforming with certain behaviors perceived.

Jena 6 lack of parental involvement

Saddam Hussein no father

Stalin's father was a drunk and wife beater

Hitler Parents were cousins and he was illegitimate

Idi Amin Abandoned by his father

Get the point!

Over lunch today, in code so my daughter could not decipher, my wife and I discussed the recent case concerning the federal prosecutor arrested recently, finally dead, for attempting to have ugh with a 5 year old girl. This tryst was set up allegedly with the girls parents. Good thing we were near completion of our meals, we nearly choked at the thought. But it was a sting to catch people like this. Which makes you wonder, how big is this problem. Original Story

Here it is again, The problem. Not from taxes or the economy, but the moral attitude and how we serve under God. Of course to mention God I am speaking of all the various religions my readers are aligned with. Because isn't that what religion does? I argue strong religious guidance in the walk of life would deter many of the social plights we see today and even possibly, cure The Problem.

So gentlemen, ladies and all of my esteemed readers, please remember, build your marriage on a strong belief in faith, be attentive, compassionate parents and someday the world will thank you.