Saturday, August 18, 2007

Informed Voter....It's the Principality.

Guess who's back. Like Krispy Kremes. Not that long...I guess.

Friends there is an immediate danger upon us. It doesn't warrant filling the basement up with bottled water or canned goods. Although I think we will need duct tape.

Both sides are preparing for battle, even though only a few of the front runners have served in the military (later). Strategically gaining ground for a fight that will polarize Americans, pit brother versus brother and deter attention from the Michael Vick saga. Not it's not Gettysburg.

Election season has arrived. Put the boots on baby, dare I say it's getting thick.

The tours, the debates and the BS.

For this blogger in particular, the candidates running are potentially hazardous to some Americans.

Do they really understand the American public, or at least the 35% that will vote? I argue they do not. First and foremost, have you watched a democrat debate? It's not a debate, it's a pep rally. Shoving false propaganda down Americans that eat it up and cast a vote for complacency.

Vowing to change basic American principles that would negatively impact core values. What would increased government control of wages, health care and personal liberties do for the Middle Class? To that extent, why do candidates of both parties manipulate this group? Democrats pledge support to unions that betray the workers and drive businesses to outsource.
Who would support such anti-American values? Democrats.

This is the case for our urban communities that would have us believe these values so protected by leftist leaders our crucial for sustainable development. Raising taxes for the big government that has yet to yield positive results.

Does this sound familiar..."blah, blah, blah Education, jobs, health care, blah, blah, blah"

This is the exact phrase evasions used by politicians when courting for the urban vote.

Foxtrot, tango, Bravo, when will it end?

Do I need to remind these candidates this is the land of the free, not the entitled?

The leader of the Free world needs to understand impeding personal freedoms will eventually lead our great country from our founders intent of land of the free to land of the oppressed. Raising taxes, regulations and government spending limits the freedoms we so cherish.

While Principality Clothing will always be a steadfast conservative blog, we do want to highlight some potential issues that will impact our audience.

Free markets-This has and will always be a foundation for the United States. Protecting the freedom of trade needs to be governments objective, not the reverse to impede standards and take the big brother approach.

Government spending-In a recent email, I was informed the United States spend roughly 1 billion dollars in 8 hours. For what? For years the answer has always been to spend our way to prosperity for a quick fix. Look at what the urban community has done. Low graduation rates, higher welfare enrollment, less responsibility.

Moral issues-I fear this goes beyond gay marriage. This issue, when dealt with, could potentially negate the above topics. Where has our moral compass gone? Ignoring God and His will. Not so good. Imagine our country with God as president. Would there be an influx of abortions, divorces, and disgusting crimes? Probably not.

Yet the later half of the 20Th century until now has shown a direct disrespect for the rule of law. The same leftists that promote a collectivist society claiming allegiance to government. In which I argue, God given rights, as explained in the Constitution, should be protected by the state, not infringed.

While I am repulsed by Flavor Flav(the Roast of Flavor Flav was hysterical), his antics, narcissism and just overall nastiness. I do need to quote him directly............................

"Don't believe the hype."

Respect the power to vote. Be diligent in your research. Ask questions.


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