Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good bye old friend.

It was almost 4 years to the day we met. I was between relationships at the time. And you provided the security, stability I longed for. Such a void was filled in my heart by your presence. Yet I disrespected you. Often made petty excuses of our union. People would laugh at the presence of us both and I would in turn disrespect my devotion for our adventures. Citing economic forces for our supposed false unity.

You were with me when I met my wife. She grew to love you as much as I now do. You provided a rock of surety in shaky times. Stepping up to the plate when called on. Yet I still took you for granted.

When my daughter was born, you were with us.

You accompanied my wife and I on many trips, in which we would question your integrity, yet time and again you came through.

But now we walk ignore you. Making new relationships that have symbolized the economic climb we so desired as broke college students. Your stability was paramount in such trying times. I'm sorry.

Sorry for ignoring your needs that eventually led to your demise. Sorry for disrespecting your role in our family.

It is with that said, I will not throw you to the wolves to be discarded with no sanctity. Torn limb from precious limb for a measly $200.

My goal is to keep you close. To serve as a sign to future Lewis generations of your thrift and hard work that established safety for us.

So please remember, you were the rock we needed and will never forget.

You are my 95 Crown Victoria.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yes. That guy is back

Dora, Immigration, and our pride.
Amazing the faults we find in another. Yet with scrupulous detail we praise our youth.My daughter speaks Spanish now. She can say whatever Dora happens to be adventuring in Spanish very clearly. My wife and I take joy and thank God she is so smart. Her ability to grasp my wife's native Ebo language has prompted me to explore immigration and the wealth of diversity it creates. Good or Bad.

I do believe in an American way. Perhaps we may differ on it's proposed meaning. But I would call myself a patriot. A patriot that has and will continue to support values of freedom and reciprocity that have only proven to be crucial to our superpower status.

But this immigration..Well,I, I, I, like it. Yea. I kind of do. I like the fact, call me an optimist, that millions of people would risk their lives on a raft, cargo freight or other ways to even taste the freedom I live in. Call me proud, you probably already have, but the need to feel good about something this election cycle is calling. Middle school sense gay would be saying negative campaigning and blah, followed by Blah, education, and blah(fill in the blank). Lets delight in one issue that is polarizing to millions of people.

I recall an SNL skit in which Justice Rehnquist(Will Ferrell) calls to vote during the House impeachment of President Clinton, a vote to agree to disagree. Har, har.That's the good stuff.

In an abstract opinion, we have this right and tons of people travel in a raft or tunnel to come here and pick whatever migrant workers pick on their own free will to reach this right and in the land of opportunity.

Yet we fight. Oooo, we fight a lot.

Nothing tangible will be done soon of course, that would be too risky. Touchy subject. Taboo. Push pull factors on both ends.

So in celebration of our diversity and

"Americanism that is better then your country," what", "whatever" day, (pronounce in hick uneducated voice)

I propose a list of top ten reason to celebrate our multicultural influence on our current civil landscape and all things in the name of coolness.
1. Menudo(props to Toothless)

2. Bruce Lee, but mostly Bruce Lee movies like the ones that make fun of them and create huge subtitles for short statements. Surprisingly this joke is older then my Dad yet is still fresh.

3. Wu-Tang Clan(Emphasis on Ghostface Killer). Certainly no disrespect intended to the other fine members of this established crew.

4. Country Music. Yes think about it. If there wasn't immigration they would all be working, hence the country music. Then the wives, and you know the rest. Very old unfresh joke.

5. New Jersey.

6. Dating Dutch. This should be number one. Thank you my Dutch friends. Who knew cheapness could be taken this seriously

7. Chakira and Chakira videos.

8. The way Latinos speak broken English. Explaining with simple head nods and si. Hysterical.

9. American Idol. I argue this England implant plays dual roles. Keeps our wives occupied for two hours a week allowing us to be free from the leash of love. Then that guy, the one that said she bang accented heavy in Asian. Classic.

10. How could I forget. A staple of the American way, as I was reminded via her Vanwizzleness, an obvious sign of our pursuit of consumption

......I'll have the buffet.

The joy we have in finding "the best China Buffet" or even new local Indian cuisine.We delight in the feast and tell our friends of the variety we have experienced in life. Yet all to often when that variety is put against our pride, we favor our pride. As one always will, it is difficult to let go of our need for control in any situation. Not Janet Jackson control, but the control to define the surroundings we thrive in.

In the political arena, work and the private. because it is in these venues where we feel the need to filter. Change of which will be made at our own accord.

Sound familiar?"Maybe the Mexican fair downtown this weekend honey".

We can drive to said location, dictate the surroundings we put our self in and leave at our pleasure for the security in the home.In the heart, I argue yes. For it is the feeling of cautiously letting these new surroundings into our lives that gives us the coincidental thrill of progressive yet surreal touch of cool.

All too often the pretentious begins to creep.

Election year and polarizing topics will at the very least, define our country's will on diversity and who we let in so to speak.I suppose the idea of immigration while quite the quagmire, has alienating consequences.

One certainly could not be for immigration while celebrating diversity?

And here it is, Americans as a whole are not loathsome, took my job, diversity haters.

I argue we are the exact opposite. As mentioned above, we delight in these differences in our ever growing cultural mosaic.Proponents of either side claim the other are un-American.

Allowing such a display of ignorance, we fuel this argument by letting it be. Let it play out on TV, or the radio, then we simply use our powers through the remote to again, dictate our surroundings. But loose the remote and no more power, we search for ways to claim back the power even blaming others for misplacing our sense of control. AHH..But it's back now. Be cool. Provoke dialogue and ride it out.

Americans are not scared, quite the opposite really. Anxious and willing for this invasion of human innovation and technology. Potential growth and the mystery of whats next.

The loss of control, not so much.

Detroit and Flint are first and third respectively as the most dangerous cities in the US. So we got that going for us.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The N-word, misrepresentation and common sense....

Looking at my upcoming schedule and the events that demand my attention, I am compelled to dismiss rational thinking and address the conflict that currently mandates a new post.
Because it is the principality.

Original Story

Nigger. There, are you happy. I said it. And in all my blackness I will be protected. I won't get fired, nor will be subject to cruel and unusual punishment in the media. I am just a college blogger though. Immune from the lights and fame that should now be known as the "realm of double standards".

You see, it's not the word itself that is subject to such dispute. It is the orator of said word that is under scrutiny. By no means would the verdict from the court of public opinion be held to face value in the criminal justice system, but nonetheless, those of non-Hispanic Caucasian origin are compelled to apologize and go to counseling, then rehab, seek forgiveness, and of course, kiss the ass of all dark skinned people in a 50 mile radius if they utter nigger.

If we as African Americans continue creating racial distinctions in our society, then we will be treated as such. Like nurtured babies we continue to rely on the government through political agitation for equality. Yet the equality we pursue is directly related to the equality our leaders exude to others which has resulted in policies in the urban community based around this idea that African Americans should be held to a different standard and therefore receive political reparations that in no way increase graduation rates or other factors resulting in upward mobility. Soaring like a vulcher to search out the next victim of their "boycott", these leaders carry themselves in a way that deters attention from responsible decisions being made at the state and local level that could alleviate modern dilemmas in the black community.

Don Imus, Dog, LBJ, FDR, and a plethora, dare I say a cornucopia of others have said nigger.

But we want to cry. We want equality that is falsely based on recognizing our past plight. Our leaders who are to be fighting for true responsibility, are still crusading to define Black America.
Yet Black America is America, and like all Americans, free. Free from distinctions that create a lower class of citizens.

So if my argument is not enough to convince you these actions are wrong, what more can I say besides...

Nigger please.

Oh no you did int. Yes, I did int.