Friday, August 31, 2007

Where we stand....Again...It's the Principality.

Considering the many emails I receive due to recent postings, I am asked, "What does principality clothing believe in?" Are you democrat or republican? Who is the principality choice for 08?

Principality Clothing believes in the American dream and the values of freedom our founders held so dear:

1. God

2. Family

3. Fortitude

4. Property

5. Freedom

What has happened to these core values that once made this nation great? Trending towards open secularism will only continue the decay of our founders legacy. Dependence on the state to handle matters best left to families in their own homes will also have the same effect.

We Believe To:

Dubiously undertaking the task to return our country to days of glory where the family unit wielded power similar to the strong central government we are burdened with currently.

Expressive Individualism in this context created the America foreigners crave to belong. So we despise this trait? Openly, the acceptance of separation of church and state as if the Almighty directly expressed this doctrine. We do not support this idea and hold true strong moral guidance, unlike civil, will create the America that is for America.

Principality Clothing will not hold true:

To the victimology belief plaguing minority communities be it from slavery, inequality, class struggles. The essence of freedom cannot co-exist with cultural race based distinctions leading directly to positive/negative results. Allowing others to dictate our autonomy will force the minority into complacency.

Firmly We Stand:

To protect the power of the individual in Gods image, the free markets and all that is right and true. Dissecting arguments based on subjective arguments that have somehow led our nation into the dark.

Recently as I pay attention to the news and current events I am shocked. Some might say "Shocked and Awed". Shocked over the huge polarizing topics that, by this point, need to be addressed in an open forum that will not be upheld to political influences.

Awed that this isn't happening.

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