Friday, October 19, 2007

Disrespect common law and be...... rewarded?

Ah yes, how can we be so blind? No longer is a college degree, good credit and even just being motivated by goodness precursors for fame. I know I cannot believe it myself. If only some friends and I beat some skinny white kid, then maybe I could be a host on BET.

Read the story here Original Story.

Is this America? The land where we reward criminal behavior with near celebrity status?

This sends a great message to our children. Not only does violence, grotesque violence set the tone for another Al Sharpton moment, you too can be on BET.

Just think kiddies. No school. No church. Just good old American public relations with a big pinch of victomology simply mix and spin heavily let simmer in the front page, blogosphere and hyped up rhetoric....Blow

The American Dream.

Some of my readers might say to the above.

"Oh no you didint."

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