Saturday, August 25, 2007

Michael Vick...Wow.

Friends it is truly a bad day to drive me to use such language. While this blogger is against profanity, I feel compelled.

Michael Vick? What a dumb ass.

Perhaps a portion of lost Apocrypha.

The book of Dumb ass. Using gifts from God to exploit evil deeds.

To take God given talents such as athletic ability and to use them in a way to do harm, then lie, cheat and kill puppies, for monetary gain defies logic.

Was he not in his right mind? No. He knew what he was participating in was wrong.

Did he ask for forgiveness? No he continues the pattern of lies until forced to admit guilt. Partial guilt.

Mr. Vick needs to plead for forgiveness. Forget the excuses, shifting blame towards others and focus on getting right with God.

Less then 5% of the worlds population has Mr. Vick's talent. So in direct insult of these talents, he uses his good fortune to create wrong. Wrong in the public court system, federal court system and of course to the Almighty.

Mr. Vick, whats wrong? Did mama not kiss you enough? Maybe a puppy bit your leg or perhaps urinated on the rug?

You have no excuse. You, from your actions prior and proceeding this event, are horrible.

Jail, prison? No. Your sentence should be to help navigate the youth of this country from making judgements based on selfish gain and false assumptions of "cool".

Advanced lesson planning: How not to be a dumb ass.

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