Monday, December 31, 2007

Must reads

Lists. End of the year lists have become American. American in the sense that we can expect lists from our favorite channel, talk show host and best week ever repeats.

YTD, no list is as invoking of intelligent discussion as the Sidney Awards courtesy of David Brooks.

Articles that force the nerve of partisanship polarization to react in kind creating a humbling experience for readers.

I urge all of my 4 readers to enjoy and comment.

Sidney Awards

Friday, December 21, 2007

Keep it Holy son

PC really confuses me. Free speech and the topics.....

Forget it.
At least try to keep it Holy, please.

Friday, December 14, 2007

No to Universal Healthcare...

Often we like to think of what we are entitled to as Americans. In fact, we even take them for granted. Education, public safety the list goes on. Is the power to enhance and sustain these freedoms through the big brother mentality?
I argue it is not. Now, I could easily dictate contemporary political thought on the subject explaining what is freedom, how it operates amongst fellow man. But why? When we could all just listen to Kansas.
As mentioned in earlier posts, please delight in the fiddle, but then take a step back and think of what it means to be free. When freedom is words and nothing more. Election season reminds us of this empty rhetoric does it not?
That we ultimately have come to expect freedoms handed to us, as argued by a hippie friend of mine, "It's like a big government cookie jar, and we can grab from it for personal use."
Well hippie friend, I disagree. The nation finds itself in quite the predicament. Protecting the freedoms or increasing the handouts. Securing freedom in the tradition of our founding fathers would in effect limit the cookie jar handouts.
I have to say, this take selfish mentality is proving to be costly and ineffective. Could one say the government cookie jar is responsible for protecting the contents of the cookie jar, if that is in effect the "freedom bowl".
Then what do we do hippie friend. Let another man determine what is a freedom and what constitutes a cookie jar freedom?
Principality Clothing is against universal health care for this same purpose.Currently, 15% are uninsured. So 15% constitutes a transformative policy measure that would collapse the present structure of insurance, healthcare and the competitive features of this practice?
Furthermore, the declaration of health insurance as a civil or human right is unnecessary. God determines the human, the state determines the civil and the electorate votes for legislators as to how policies that protect and preserve freedom are implemented.
The same hippie tactics that kills babies is constantly overlooked when deciding governments role in our lives.
Choice. The lack of which, will continue to grant elites power in determining legislation.
Delight in the fiddle Baby.

Hate speech and the great divide

Interesting tag huh? I deemed it necesaary today with the sweep of noose hangings and other elements of hate speech circling academia.
Now I find it intriguing one would hang a noose in such a place to incite fear with racial overtones. That is neither here nor there. More importantly the focus should be on how to stop the practice through proper court procedures versus an emotionally fueled pep rally in the likes of, "They took our jobs".
Central Michigan University recently experienced a noose event on campus. Horrible. In fact the student who placed the nooses admitted guilt and was deemed a prankster by the prosecuting attorney.
As a whole, America appreciates free speech and the rights of expression granted in the Constitution. Ironically, hate speech deserves the same protection. Where would our country go without civil disagreement? Civil disagreement that does not incite violence yet offends is protected by the same rights that allow me to associte freely.
So leaders urge affirmative remedies that consist only to protect or advance one class of the population is therefore creating a country that favors one class over the other.

Thats racism/sexism and discriminatory in nature.

It is un-American.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another daughter moment.

Yes she did it again. My three year old daughter has forced this author to dictate story time.

After a long weekend with her grandparents, she was dropped off and during the standard Michigan extended goodbyes mentioned what we as Americans often take for granted.

She told her grandfather to, "Take care of your wife".

She knows and loves "Gammy". She in fact spoke to her minutes before her proclamation.
But the question of perception at such a young age is intriguing.

I often mistake in this arena as well. Surely I love my wife. But to take care of her is to not merely be a provider or being able to "lift 500lbs.", as she reminds me.

It is to comfort, listen and understand. If graded on a 4.0 scale, I would be nearing academic probation. I attend the appropriate sessions of study, yet fail at least once a month.

She understands. Forgives my weakness and moves on. Not a grudge is held by my wife. I hope.

I think that's the lesson? Compassion. Attempted Civil compromise yet one sided civil compromise in most instances. But in reality, my wife runs the show. I have the utmost confidence in her parental abilities as evident by my daughters intelligence.

But it is hard as many would agree. But worth it. To grow with another under one shared goal of paternal success is gorgeous. A great experience that could only be lived not explained to.

At least that's what I think now.

Origins of principality clothing

My friends it is on this day that I feel compelled to illustrate the motivating factors behind You see, there was a time, long ago, that Africans were kings. Wikipedia this claim, but it is true. In fact Africans are the original philosophers, the land of Miir of course, home of Abraham. Eygypt the land of great human innovation.

It is with this brief history that I feel compelled. Compelled to name my clothing company and ultimately the voice of commentary Principality Clothing. It's actually quite the double entendre.

We were once and still I believe Kings/royalty (principalities). Yet principle has been lost in what some call popular culture, I call hip hop. The dignity of family values and right judgement (principality) has been tagged uncool by prior leaders and contemporary wanna be leaders. The disrespect for the rule of law has diminished on a backing of historical wrongs that in some circles, is still wrong.

What happened?

Yes slavery happened. Yes Jim Crow was dominant. But as Kings, I argue, we are to be held to a different standard right? Carry our heads high to pursue a better cause for our collective race. This argument in no way is support for black nationalism. It is in support of the American Way. In fact, many if not all racial minorities have been persecuted beyond a reasonable doubt. For in modern competitive times, it is the meritocracy of advancement that has taken the reins of a failed socialist democracy.

That's were it begins. As an urban conservative I fully expect freedom and independence. As an American I would call it a civil right. But it is not a civil right to be forced into complacency through social programs that promote the lack of competitive advancement. No. It is my friend another form of slavery. Slavery that has and some argue now does limit the freedoms Dr. King and many others strive for. This is not a call for assimilation.

This is a call to the Kings and Queens. Can you hear me? Stand up. Be proud of our advancement, not linger on its retroactive abilities to persuade complacency.

Royalty would not think of such an issue.