Thursday, December 6, 2007

Origins of principality clothing

My friends it is on this day that I feel compelled to illustrate the motivating factors behind You see, there was a time, long ago, that Africans were kings. Wikipedia this claim, but it is true. In fact Africans are the original philosophers, the land of Miir of course, home of Abraham. Eygypt the land of great human innovation.

It is with this brief history that I feel compelled. Compelled to name my clothing company and ultimately the voice of commentary Principality Clothing. It's actually quite the double entendre.

We were once and still I believe Kings/royalty (principalities). Yet principle has been lost in what some call popular culture, I call hip hop. The dignity of family values and right judgement (principality) has been tagged uncool by prior leaders and contemporary wanna be leaders. The disrespect for the rule of law has diminished on a backing of historical wrongs that in some circles, is still wrong.

What happened?

Yes slavery happened. Yes Jim Crow was dominant. But as Kings, I argue, we are to be held to a different standard right? Carry our heads high to pursue a better cause for our collective race. This argument in no way is support for black nationalism. It is in support of the American Way. In fact, many if not all racial minorities have been persecuted beyond a reasonable doubt. For in modern competitive times, it is the meritocracy of advancement that has taken the reins of a failed socialist democracy.

That's were it begins. As an urban conservative I fully expect freedom and independence. As an American I would call it a civil right. But it is not a civil right to be forced into complacency through social programs that promote the lack of competitive advancement. No. It is my friend another form of slavery. Slavery that has and some argue now does limit the freedoms Dr. King and many others strive for. This is not a call for assimilation.

This is a call to the Kings and Queens. Can you hear me? Stand up. Be proud of our advancement, not linger on its retroactive abilities to persuade complacency.

Royalty would not think of such an issue.

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