Friday, December 14, 2007

Hate speech and the great divide

Interesting tag huh? I deemed it necesaary today with the sweep of noose hangings and other elements of hate speech circling academia.
Now I find it intriguing one would hang a noose in such a place to incite fear with racial overtones. That is neither here nor there. More importantly the focus should be on how to stop the practice through proper court procedures versus an emotionally fueled pep rally in the likes of, "They took our jobs".
Central Michigan University recently experienced a noose event on campus. Horrible. In fact the student who placed the nooses admitted guilt and was deemed a prankster by the prosecuting attorney.
As a whole, America appreciates free speech and the rights of expression granted in the Constitution. Ironically, hate speech deserves the same protection. Where would our country go without civil disagreement? Civil disagreement that does not incite violence yet offends is protected by the same rights that allow me to associte freely.
So leaders urge affirmative remedies that consist only to protect or advance one class of the population is therefore creating a country that favors one class over the other.

Thats racism/sexism and discriminatory in nature.

It is un-American.

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