Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad times in Michigan.....A lesson on principality.

Fact Check Tough Guy

Land of the Free or Land of the Entitled? I say free, let me tell you why. Our founding fathers wrote a great document, second to the Bible, explaining the wonderful unalienable rights we cherish through God. Yet with further research, I did not see healthcare, food stamps, guaranteed retirements or inflated bureaucracy. What I did see is a desire to be free from the burdens of a strong central government. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the rule of law is what I perceived, as many others have. Yet Michigan finds itself in quite the quagmire. For years as a whole the state has permeated this aurora of, “I breathe therefore…. give me a job, with perks….and days off…strong union wages……oh, and lifetime healthcare.”

That’s not freedom! The “needs” mentioned above, can be solved, not with bureaucracy, but with the freedom of personal responsibility and the rights taken away by the strong central government. We often dismiss the compassion among our fellow citizens to be selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. History has shown, given certain rough times that the freedom of Americans to make conscious decisions overwhelmingly favors those thought to be done by the legislature.

Where has the competition gone? Where has the personal responsibility gone? Expressive individualism has proven to work. I personally have noticed my wife spends my check better then I ever have. Please, instead of raising taxes Gov. Granholm, let my wife spend my check. As many in Michigan would agree, where is the freedom in taxing my income? What mathematician created the equation 4.6 x my check=freedom?

7.2% unemployment, a recent minimum wage increase, single state recession and a complicated new business tax. Now, the Governor feels we need to raise taxes to cut the states budget deficit. Michigan residents and businesses cringe at the thought. Raising expenses is not good for the profit margin or the savings. Did you know that Governor?

Slowly the tradition in Michigan is straying away from, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”… into “government of the government by the government, for, yes, government.”

Or is that your plan?

That’s unconstitutional.

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