Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keep it Hood....Yes..It is the Principality .

Yes. Keep it hood. What could he mean you ask?

Last night my daughter mentioned she wanted her snack that she was holding on to throughout the day. My wife and I determined that she could have said snack before bed. She was not happy and declared the snack was "mines". Now at two years old, singular and incorrect verb evasions is understandable. My wife and I corrected her at once, reminding her that mine is correct and mines, is well, like my wife said, ghetto.
Open up the flood gates of questions, whats ghetto my daughter asked.
Quick with the response, I told her ghetto stands for ignorance, bad, not smart and to not be that which is exudes intelligence.

This past week, TI was arrested for trying to buy machine guns and a silencer from an undercover ATF narc. Ironically he also won two BET awards the same night. In which, according to Original Story the others partaking in the awards "held it down for him and also represented TI". Busta Rhymes, who is not fond of our nations finest, yelled exuberantly "Free TI". Because really, the man was just trying to grow his weapons cache. So what if he is an ex-con? What does the law have to do with this?

I know the answer. He was keeping it hood. Honestly, does he need more guns or for that matter protection? No. The real issue is TI being one with the streets that has supposed to make him famous and keeping the aurora of tough guy, millionaire tough guy, and don't forget BET tough guy.

Instead of sending a trusted confidant to look into aggressive investment strategies or hedge fund opportunities, TI in all his wisdom is looking for guns. Guns that have continued to plaque the streets that TI has talked about in his music and philanthropy.

I argue if it is the mission of such entertainers to provide and be role models as many claim, then why buy guns, in an Atlanta shopping mall parking lot, from one of your bodyguards? Keeping it hood perhaps.

Funny enough, it does not stop there. Should this man who has openly performed a probation violation, be lauded with praise at the Black entertainment awards? No. Bob Johnson, did not create Black Exploitation, rather Black Entertainment Television. But hasn't it become just that?

106 and park, misogyny, lack of proper language. Not the education advancements or even assimilation. Bringing down the proud race that is black America.

But nevertheless, they as a network and those they market to are content to proven complacency and enforcing the statistical evidence of the dumbing down of black America.

Ironically, all are in agreeance to, keeping it hood.


Will B. Champion said...

Mr. Principality,

It's funny you bring up the language thing with your daughter. But ask Michael Eric Dyson, and he'll tell you that Ebonics is an actual language, and he could site academics that support him. I think it’s a stretch. Unto T.I., I ask myself the question you asked “Should this man who has openly performed a probation violation, be lauded with praise at the Black Entertainment Awards?” I’d say yes Mr. Principality. If not praise then certainly attention must be drawn to T.I.’s situation, and other black men around the world. You asked why was he was buying guns? I ask, why was T.I. the subject of that sort of ATF sting operation? Am I saying that he was right…no I’m not. All I’m saying is that all too often the “big fish” is one of our own, albeit T.I., Michael Vick, etc. Kat Williams said it best last night, “We’re concerned with convicting Michael Vick, when we killed 30 Iraqis today.” I agree with your assessment of BET television, but I’ve seen that this type of minstrelsy exists on many television networks. Surely shows like “Flavor of Love, and I Love New York do not do justice to our race.


Man of principles said...

Will, good stuff and thanks for posting. You certainly hit on the head, was it right. Of course not and it should be treated as such. Paris Hilton, and all the other celebs are treated the same not due to race but because of their celebrity status. Attention must be brought to TI absolutely, but should positive attention be brought to a man that has openly committed such an act? No. Right is right, if your are caught or not. It is just a shame that when the black community prides itself as a whole on no violence, no guns etc., we applaud this criminal at an awards show and even then plea for his immediate release. As far as Flavor of Love and I love New York, see previous posts.