Friday, August 31, 2007

Where we stand....Again...It's the Principality.

Considering the many emails I receive due to recent postings, I am asked, "What does principality clothing believe in?" Are you democrat or republican? Who is the principality choice for 08?

Principality Clothing believes in the American dream and the values of freedom our founders held so dear:

1. God

2. Family

3. Fortitude

4. Property

5. Freedom

What has happened to these core values that once made this nation great? Trending towards open secularism will only continue the decay of our founders legacy. Dependence on the state to handle matters best left to families in their own homes will also have the same effect.

We Believe To:

Dubiously undertaking the task to return our country to days of glory where the family unit wielded power similar to the strong central government we are burdened with currently.

Expressive Individualism in this context created the America foreigners crave to belong. So we despise this trait? Openly, the acceptance of separation of church and state as if the Almighty directly expressed this doctrine. We do not support this idea and hold true strong moral guidance, unlike civil, will create the America that is for America.

Principality Clothing will not hold true:

To the victimology belief plaguing minority communities be it from slavery, inequality, class struggles. The essence of freedom cannot co-exist with cultural race based distinctions leading directly to positive/negative results. Allowing others to dictate our autonomy will force the minority into complacency.

Firmly We Stand:

To protect the power of the individual in Gods image, the free markets and all that is right and true. Dissecting arguments based on subjective arguments that have somehow led our nation into the dark.

Recently as I pay attention to the news and current events I am shocked. Some might say "Shocked and Awed". Shocked over the huge polarizing topics that, by this point, need to be addressed in an open forum that will not be upheld to political influences.

Awed that this isn't happening.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Michael Vick...Wow.

Friends it is truly a bad day to drive me to use such language. While this blogger is against profanity, I feel compelled.

Michael Vick? What a dumb ass.

Perhaps a portion of lost Apocrypha.

The book of Dumb ass. Using gifts from God to exploit evil deeds.

To take God given talents such as athletic ability and to use them in a way to do harm, then lie, cheat and kill puppies, for monetary gain defies logic.

Was he not in his right mind? No. He knew what he was participating in was wrong.

Did he ask for forgiveness? No he continues the pattern of lies until forced to admit guilt. Partial guilt.

Mr. Vick needs to plead for forgiveness. Forget the excuses, shifting blame towards others and focus on getting right with God.

Less then 5% of the worlds population has Mr. Vick's talent. So in direct insult of these talents, he uses his good fortune to create wrong. Wrong in the public court system, federal court system and of course to the Almighty.

Mr. Vick, whats wrong? Did mama not kiss you enough? Maybe a puppy bit your leg or perhaps urinated on the rug?

You have no excuse. You, from your actions prior and proceeding this event, are horrible.

Jail, prison? No. Your sentence should be to help navigate the youth of this country from making judgements based on selfish gain and false assumptions of "cool".

Advanced lesson planning: How not to be a dumb ass.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Informed Voter....It's the Principality.

Guess who's back. Like Krispy Kremes. Not that long...I guess.

Friends there is an immediate danger upon us. It doesn't warrant filling the basement up with bottled water or canned goods. Although I think we will need duct tape.

Both sides are preparing for battle, even though only a few of the front runners have served in the military (later). Strategically gaining ground for a fight that will polarize Americans, pit brother versus brother and deter attention from the Michael Vick saga. Not it's not Gettysburg.

Election season has arrived. Put the boots on baby, dare I say it's getting thick.

The tours, the debates and the BS.

For this blogger in particular, the candidates running are potentially hazardous to some Americans.

Do they really understand the American public, or at least the 35% that will vote? I argue they do not. First and foremost, have you watched a democrat debate? It's not a debate, it's a pep rally. Shoving false propaganda down Americans that eat it up and cast a vote for complacency.

Vowing to change basic American principles that would negatively impact core values. What would increased government control of wages, health care and personal liberties do for the Middle Class? To that extent, why do candidates of both parties manipulate this group? Democrats pledge support to unions that betray the workers and drive businesses to outsource.
Who would support such anti-American values? Democrats.

This is the case for our urban communities that would have us believe these values so protected by leftist leaders our crucial for sustainable development. Raising taxes for the big government that has yet to yield positive results.

Does this sound familiar..."blah, blah, blah Education, jobs, health care, blah, blah, blah"

This is the exact phrase evasions used by politicians when courting for the urban vote.

Foxtrot, tango, Bravo, when will it end?

Do I need to remind these candidates this is the land of the free, not the entitled?

The leader of the Free world needs to understand impeding personal freedoms will eventually lead our great country from our founders intent of land of the free to land of the oppressed. Raising taxes, regulations and government spending limits the freedoms we so cherish.

While Principality Clothing will always be a steadfast conservative blog, we do want to highlight some potential issues that will impact our audience.

Free markets-This has and will always be a foundation for the United States. Protecting the freedom of trade needs to be governments objective, not the reverse to impede standards and take the big brother approach.

Government spending-In a recent email, I was informed the United States spend roughly 1 billion dollars in 8 hours. For what? For years the answer has always been to spend our way to prosperity for a quick fix. Look at what the urban community has done. Low graduation rates, higher welfare enrollment, less responsibility.

Moral issues-I fear this goes beyond gay marriage. This issue, when dealt with, could potentially negate the above topics. Where has our moral compass gone? Ignoring God and His will. Not so good. Imagine our country with God as president. Would there be an influx of abortions, divorces, and disgusting crimes? Probably not.

Yet the later half of the 20Th century until now has shown a direct disrespect for the rule of law. The same leftists that promote a collectivist society claiming allegiance to government. In which I argue, God given rights, as explained in the Constitution, should be protected by the state, not infringed.

While I am repulsed by Flavor Flav(the Roast of Flavor Flav was hysterical), his antics, narcissism and just overall nastiness. I do need to quote him directly............................

"Don't believe the hype."

Respect the power to vote. Be diligent in your research. Ask questions.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Poems of Knowledge. It's Serious.

A friend of mine, Eric X, recently showed me a poem he had written. I urge our readers to take a glance and let the words soak in.

Everybody's bad and everybody's tough, how many people are intelligent enough?
To open up there eyes and see through the lies, discipline themselves, yourself to stay alive.
Not many that's why the universe sent me today on this day with this to say,
The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer and in the final hour many heads will loose power,
what does the rich versus poor really mean, psychologically it means you have to pick your team when someone said the rich gets richer, visualize wealth and put yourself in the picture.
The rich get richer cause they work towards rich, the poor gets poorer cause there mind can't switch from ghetto.
Let's go, it's not a novelty you could love your neighborhood without loving poverty,
Follow me, every mother, father, son and daughter.
There's no reason to fear the new world order, we must order the whole new world to pay us, the new world order and the old state chaos
The big brother watching over you is a lie you see,
The black African Man can build his own Secret Society,
But first you and I got to unify
Stop the Niggativity and control our creativity,
Rich is getting richer, so why we ain't richer
Could it be, we are still thinking like niggas
Educate yourself, make your world view bigger
Visualize wealth and put yourself in the picture

Friday, August 3, 2007

Some say Thug...I prefer Entrepreneur ...Again It's the Principality.

Welcome back my friends! I know it's been awhile now....I apologize. College.

Moving on, have you noticed the increase in title association lately? No longer is a secretary a secretary, they are now known as executive assistants. The garbage man is a sanitation engineer.
I even had an Executive Director position last year, although I think the sanitation engineer was paid better.

My point put simply, is that we as a whole have become focused on what our title is to a point that salary, benefits and the like can be easily overlooked with director or manager somewhere in the job description.

Are these titles a way of identifying ourselves in a positive view? To some, yes.

Are these titles an easy way to meet friends? DUH!

Then why is their an increase in the amount of young adults easily identifying themselves as a thug? Of course these title's are made with the distinct idea of advancement, correct? Yet the thug mentality and the thoughts that coincide with it, are usually related to negative actions.

So I ask the young black men in the audience. The ones who have taken their life in their own hands, noticed the realms of opportunity in our nation and continued to go above and beyond expectations. Are you a Thug? How about gangster? Hustler maybe?

The other day I had a great conversation with my neighbor. I am comfortable in calling him a close associate. He asked me what I do for a living and I simply replied, "I sell insurance."
He replied with a smile, "So your kind of a corporate gangster, right."


"But you have your little side hustle, that's thug."

I replied with a glorious epiphany,


Isn't that true? The amount of creative energy embedded within the black community has changed pop culture movements, fashion, design, education, and business practices. I argue the young black entrepreneur has been dragged down by these false racial distinctions. Even in amusement, these terms can and will have the negative effect that the Thug, gangster, hustler labels ensue when used in common conversations, to dumb down, and decay the moral fabric it dearly tries to hold on to.

1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

2. an employer of productive labor; contractor. –verb (used with object)

3. to deal with or initiate as an entrepreneur. –verb (used without object)

4. to act as an entrepreneur.

1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2.(sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

1. A member of an organized group of criminals; a racketeer.
2. A member of a gang of delinquents.

1. Slang. a person who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money; swindler.

2. Informal. an expert gambler or game player who seeks out challengers, esp. unsuspecting amateur ones, in order to win money from them: He earned his living as a pool hustler.

3. Slang. a prostitute.

4. a person who hustles.

Even in slang uses, are these self distinctions conducive to a positive environment the black community as a whole craves for? I think not.

Many times in school, we divulge into personal stories such as where your from, ethnic makeup and parents occupation. Is a thug what we really want our kids to be aware of? I ask, on career day, do you want your child to introduce you as, "My daddy the gangsta, because cool people emphasize misspelling"? No. How about the unemployed ex-felon, would your daughter attend a sleepover at that house? I think not. In fact, I argue, it is in the best interest of the parents to disdain themselves from this community, as many do, to reach the best sources of upward mobility for their children.

Securing an education, through the tools abound in this country, living a life of sound moral character and pursuing those things productive in life will halt the cyclical downward spiral faced in urban communities. This does not take the state, it doesn't take FAKE burials of a historical word, it takes personal responsibility aligned with social awareness.

Fake burials, get fake results. I argue it is not the n-word itself that needs to be buried, but the attitude associated with it. Hip-hop, rap, whatever has taken the role of supposedly representing the black community in its pursuit of excellence. I argue it has had an adverse effect. Misogyny, violence, materialism. Does this really capture the sentiment in the anti violence, pro-education, state sponsored rhetoric of our black leaders? Then why, as leaders of the black community, do they promote the tools that let the cyclical trends continue?

Tu-PAC really helps me hammer home this point. A man cherished by many, missed by many and also adored by many in the black community was responsible for this two sided version of freedom. Take a listen.

So I argue, after that crap, simply shutting down the highway for a fake procession, in a city exuding the negative characteristics of said word, will not achieve the desired result.

Christian, entrepreneur, educated, mature, honest, loving...the list goes on.

So in rebuttal to the above link,

"I'd rather be a man of G-O-D, so I can live happy and free all day, raising a family, I know is right, gotta have good in your life."