Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welfare Wal-Mart. It does not deserve a principality tag.

Below is what Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue had to say concerning the $27 million Kent County Human Services building.
"It will be almost like one-stop shopping in terms of health, social services and welfare," said Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue. "They could call it the Department of Health, Human Services and Welfare."

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Terrific, I can't wait. A shopping mall for the entitled. Almost Wal-Mart esgue in its purpose. So now, money that could be used for increasing said entitlements, is spent on increasing the experience of the entitled. Because really, who wants to accept handouts in such an uninviting atmosphere that is the current Kent County FIA?

Maybe that should be the goal. Not because locals are selfish, but help can be found in other venues. In fact, I argue, lets use a portion to grime the building down some more. Maybe it would never have visitors again. And, if all goes well, the $27 million dollars could be used to create wealth in the Grand Rapids community. Surely, tuition at a public university could be covered with those funds? So, instead of investing in future endeavors that could lead some out of the cyclical trends of poverty. We build a welfare Wal-Mart.

Because everyone loves Wal-Mart.


Rikk said...

So here's the problem. Your basic premise is wrong. Everyone does not love Wal Mart! In fact, only the ignorant, self centered and myopic frequent WM. Oh, and republicans.

The enlightened shop at COSTCO... or if you're a Michigander, Meijer! Because... well, you know: BUY LOCAL!

Man of principles said...

Ahhh Rikk, it's always good to hear from my hippie friend. I agree, I shop Miejer always, although, Wal-Mart does have quite the clientele. The thing is Rikk, my basic premise is not everyone loves Wal-Mart. My basic premise is efficient spending. How do we allievaite the problems of the poor. Not through increased gov. spending. We need to use Wal-Mart and it's philosophy to foster a sense of competition. Maybe then we can the 70 percent of this new facilities patrons would shop Miejer!!!