Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank you...An to an unlikely recipient

My daughter turned three today. She is beyond beautiful in every way. Her intelligence, physical stature, and cognitive thinking skills are far superior to her age group. I thank God through his Son for blessing me with such a gift that can only be described to be in His image. I thank my wife of three years who has, successfully, transformed this writer into a man of virtue.

The following is hard to say to a man whom I have little to no interest in. But I must, as Martin Luther said, is neither safe or honorable to act against conscience.

Thank you for raising such a kind, warm spirit that is my wife today. It is with my utmost attempt to raise my offspring in such a successful environment as she was privileged in. With ultimate sincerity I know my children will be a direct result of her doing through God and her moral intuitions, which you played a role in creating.
As the male head of household, I have felt the burdensome to balance the role of provider while pursuing personal success. Attributes you mastered, as shown in the final product.

Thank you for a loving, caring, earthly woman who has changed my life. From her is my life and her joy my motivation to succeed. To see her smile and know she's proud is the greatest gift on earth.

If only you knew.

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