Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A conversation with Barrack

I woke up early last night. Anxious, excited and yet well rested. I turned on msnbc to see the latest hype Tuesday. I thought if Barrack was awake. And if he was, what was he thinking? Besides the obvious implications of a win tonight, how was he to cope with such a victory? I am sure, like many, he often dreamed of such a life. But isn't he scared?

Well, I watched, and drifted asleep into a world of less security and open doors.

P: How are you?

B: Nervous, of course. I don't think anyone could change that(with a smile).

P: Yea. To be honest, I always described you as another Jesse; not a serious candidate. I was wrong, and I am humbling myself to acknowledge that. I guess the race pimps are wrong in the ways they describe America.

B: My wife and I used to say that too. In fact, it is a testimony to Americans, my candidacy, that we are not this vicious beast waiting to kill on both sides of the aisle.

P: Weel, I still think we are, but to a lesser degree, TV always adds another 15lbs, making something bigger than what it is.

B: Ha, yea absolutley, the cynics, Rush and the other naysayers have been silenced, for now, and the friction still remains.

P: True, but would call those that disagree with some of your change policies in the America of old?

B: No, in fact that is a good point. I am promoting a politics of common unity, where the whole is greater than its part, of course, but the methods we use to heal political disagreement will be tools that unite and find a cure to devastating politics.

P: OK, that sounds nice. Unrealistic, but nice. You know, there is a certain philisophical presence in your demeanor that is comforting. Reminescent of past orators famous for finding this country. Are you sure though, that these traits are found in the executive branch? You steady vote liberal, hard left.

B: Yes. To see past the lack of substantive policy decisions, focus on what is right for now going forward. Radicals, from both parties, are responsible for where we are currently. Good and bad reasons, that were dynamic on it's face, yet we were able to adapt and become better as a country. We are witnessing a regression into the class systems of old, and that regression is turning the country into a complacent system. Seperating old, young, white, black, rich poor. Giving Americans a sense of seperation. The hope has become lost. That is what I intend to bring to Washington.

P: Wow(to myself). So, what say you to the David Brooks who mention your campaign is a big steady hope injection?

B: Ha. What can you say. The nation needs it. Forecosure rates, globalization and other indicators have brought the generation, I argue, to a point of needed injections. And if the nation appeals to a hope candidacy, my presdidency, so be it.

P: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I cannot vote for you. I know, it kills me, in fact I often try to make excuses to vote for you, sorry. I believe politics transcend race, and to break that principle, I imagine, would taint what I work so hard to do, create a new urban conservative movement.

B: A new urban conservative movement, I think it would be easier to build a spaceship in your backyard. Ha.

P: Yea. I really needed this, though. I wanted to tell you this for so long. I have been watching your candidacy, it is remarkable. Thanks for giving me the time. You should get some rest. Big day. The world needs a changin'.

B: Ha. It's okay. We need that, engaged Americans.

P: All this hope, change. I think I will go back to sleep.

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RightMichigan.com said...

Clearly you don't embrace change. Better change your mind or change will find you and you'll be forced to change.

And plagirize. (Which is ironic because if there was ONE candidate who you'd think would CHANGE a few words...)