Sunday, February 3, 2008

Be Gone Kwame

Kwame needs to be gone. The example Detroiters could make buy firing their one and only Hip Hop Mayor would set a tone for years to come that, 1. The D is a city on the track to redemption, 2. Foxtrot Tango Bravo, We demand results.

How can Detroiters of any race allow for their city, their home to be ridiculed this much? Placed under the microscope of the nation for all flaws to be on display. Enough is enough. Only when Kwame is fired (No, we will not accept your resignation) can the city stop the redistribution principles that have continued to allow for complacent mobility rates since white flight. Smooth it over they say. Your not accountable. Bill Clinton also took part. The excuses are plentiful.

Forbes has listed Detroit as the number 1 worst city in America, based on numerous variables.

So we combine the misery index, as set by Forbes, the unemployment rate, tax rates, and political corruption.

"No correlation" his supporters state. "It has to be GW's fault. He is the one that went to war in Iraq."

Did I mention the schools?

1 comment: said...

I'm not sure any amount of wishful thinking will make that guy be gone.