Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Number 2.

Uh oh. Number 2 is enroute my friends. Tomorrow, my wife is expecting to give birth to our second daughter. What a relief.

Child birth is the greatest experience on earth. Bar none. Honestly, probably one of the few times I cried uncontrollably.

And now I think in what type of world will my daughters be living in? The new millenium has certainly brought in a kinder, understanding approach to womens rights, but I am scared of the mysogny of youth culture. Where a woman has been subject to treatment of being a sex symbol.

In light of the recent Kwame issues, LAURA VARON BROWN picks up this topic much better than I could.

Principality is not to be confused with convienance. Principality is to be a constant in which you gauge yourself and others in all of our transactions.

Slightling Ms. Beatty's character for personal gain sends the wrong message in a city that needs to promote equal treatment for all.

Detroits electorate needs to refrain from elected officials that hold themselves holier than thou.

It is unprincipality-like.

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