Friday, February 22, 2008

What has the world come to?

Well friends, the good newsl I now have high speed wireless internet.

The bad news; Flavor of Love is back for another season.

In fact, my wife is watching it right now. Mysogyny, alcholism, violence all in the name of love for a 50 year old ex-crackhead. Yea boy.

But, however, there is a need for a no boy proclamation. A no boy proclamation that does not pit these young talented African American females in a sexual feast with this man. No boy, no boy to using these woman for sex and ratings. No boy, Don Imus can call a group of 12 nappy headed hos, yet these excuses for life have a vocabulary unfit for a sailor. Yes, I used to ba a sailor, and yes these girls have taught me some new things.

So does this introduce the double standards theory, as described in detail in earlier posts. No, quite simply, it establishes a need for change that Barack has not spoke of yet. A need to treat women as more than objects, humiliiation and subject of super driven male machismo.

Don't get me wrong, I flex my male status and yes there is a sense of roles to be recognized, I digress. The point is when will groups, as shown in this TV show, learn there is so much more to life beyond a man or even his affections? For that matter, to the extent you would ashame your family and the equal meritocracy achieved by past women/civil rights groups.

But at least I have wireless. So I may play my Kansas and Rush to cherish freedom, free will and so forth.

And wait for Celebrity Fit Club.

So let it be written, so let it be deemed a principality.

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Anonymous said...

want to know how these vocabulary watching feminists talk?
Look at the New York State chapter of NOW. While they call for men to be cast aside for using the "nappy haired hos", "Pimping of chelsea Clinton", and other comments, they turn a blind eye when their own calls the fact that the media was giving a less than favorable treatment to the NOW backed candidate "the cyber gang-bang of hillary"