Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bi-Partisanship and the Holidays. Tis the Principality.

Yea that's right. The Holiday Season has come and gone. Gone is the day that used to represent a universal time of American Reciprocity. Although I was flipped the bird by a driver Christmas Day.

Anyway, this title does bring up a story. As with all principality stories, this relates directly to the present political climate the nation is witnessing.

Every Christmas the extended family would dome together and talk. That's it really. The adults pass some gifts watch a repeat of a classic movie on TBS and argue on occasion.

But the kids. Man the kids would attempt to play nice, but then get into a fight concerning private property rights. In this case toys and there intended amusement.

We would fight and hit each other, blackmail using some type of hostage toy. The end result was polarization between the two sides and our respective little cousins.

Only until an external force yelled and then spanked to get us to play nice did we resemble family.

Get the point, tough guy(girl).

Dems and republicans go at each other non-stop. Over the years this has created a divide(duh), that is similar to the above scenario. Except the only arbitrary decider is us. The electorate that is responsible for dictating the means to which we reach our collective ends.

Policy matters withstanding, relationships with the two major parties is crucial to the success of our nation.

No I am not proposing we spank the respective party leaders into submission, (sorry Barney Frank) but hold them accountable through political action to address the needs of our country via compromise with each other.

Signs of hope come and go. The election year has a way of reminding us just how polarized we still are.

There is a message though. One they will continue to hear and recognized.

No not your vote. But your action. Voter apathy has fostered the demon that is now contemporary domestic politics. Lack of action, by the electorate, will allow these two to continue to fight until all relations are severed and the United States will be permanently labeled Red and Blue.

However, this writer and my now 6 readers will not quit in our attempt to attain unity.

I quote Barry White loosely:

"I'm never ever gonna quit,'Cause quiting' just ain't my shtick"


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