Sunday, January 13, 2008

The moment you have been waiting for. Official Endorsement

My friends, I apologize. I apologize for the delay in recent postings. Due to number 2 en route, it has been hard, my linguistic lessons on current events has been put on hold.

The other day I was asked who I was going to vote for in the Michigan primary. Well to be frank, I am undecided. My first choice, Alan Keyes, did not make the ballot nor does he stand a chance of winning. I think Romney is as fake as my Scream poster I bought from Wal-Mart. Huckabee continues to be the ultra populist in the republican mold of John Edwards. Ron Paul is eccentric enough to be continue what he is: a Congressman. Rudolph (last name is hard to spell) just doesn't tickle my tummy.

That leaves John McCain. As many have made the case, the Senator does leave something to be desired. Immigration, fiscal policy etc. But John McCain is something the other candidates are not: Honorable.

The same honor many of us have and apply in our current lives. The decorated military service to the years in public office force me to admire him in a paternal way that draws sympathy. Like my dad doing the best he can to raise a family while overcoming continuous obstacles, John McCain has withstood much adversity and still stands tall.

That's honor all up in your grill. That's what the country needs. As Frederick List mentions, the wealth of a nation is the wealth of the production capacity of its producers, well, I argue our political system needs a boost in production. Not production for results to name buildings or bridges, but the type of production that makes a country confident in their sovereignty.

John McCain mentions frequently the need to be a part of something greater then yourself. I argue, his campaign once down and out, relays that message.

Keep the faith, in yourself but also your neighbors and your country.

Wait for it.................

Quite simply, it's the principality.

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