Saturday, February 28, 2009

Non Profit nation

Today I was having a conversation with a close friend. A friend that is lefty liberal, educated and well read. We discussed as many are doing right now, the impact of the upcoming stimulus package; the spending, tax cuts and work that will be created. While a Keynesian approach is warranted during certain economic crisis, it is crucial to identify the results within the package and estimate at best the return of investment.

I explained that business owners, families and consumers often tackle the roi decision many times throughout the day. Should the small business owner increase capital expenditures to gain market share? Should the consumer shop at Wal-Mart or the locally owned grocery store? Should the family buy brand name shoes for the kids when they could potentially grow out of them soon? And of course there are many other examples to identify.

But the same question remains. What is the potential benefit of spending time, money, investment and human capital? It is disturbing to see the disturbing trends of bloated operational costs, zero top line revenue,and waste among these non-profits organizations.

During our conversation, I brought up the point of effective compassion and the lives transformed by empowerment via philantrophy that works and does not form dependancy. For example, on average, less than $.20 per dollar, reaches the recipients the organization is formed for. The majority of funds is used on high range salaries and other operatonal costs that block funding for those who need it the most. With that said, it is alarming the extent in which the aggregate population gives adulation for supporting not for profit deeds. The government is a not for profit agency that has shown its wasteful tendencies. Yet we look to this failed instituion as a source of remedy and making the earth, like Buckley said, eshtalogical.

Why is America afraid of profit? Why do we scorn and attempt to take property of those who have attained such success? Because the country has fallen entrapped to the ideals of victimology and the pressures to promote class warfare.

Profit was the motive behind the majority of inventions and innovations that we enjoy in life. Steve Jobs didn't push the first ipod so you could ignore people at the gym. No, he did it to get rich. To attain wealth. Fiber optic cable was not laid in miles and miles of ocean for the world to consume and connect to the internet for the sake of the greater good.

Why is there a lack of green jobs? If there was an overwhelming demand for green jobs that the government wants to create, there would have been entrpreneurs that started these "job hotspots" years ago. Theres no market my hippie friend, for that which is fake and not sustainable.

To see this pattern of mediocrity and class stucture, should strike some as depressing. If only someone had the cure for depression, they could make some money.

It is the principality.

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