Thursday, November 27, 2008

My readers have spoken, therefore I have written thusly

From the omnipotent to the ignorant

the red and the blue

My readers, i do it for you

Many have longed for this bloggers verbal barrage. Indeed, my unexpected sabbatical has been anything but rest.

You see, this time away from blogging has allowed for inner reflection and perhaps, in my barouque manner, a new way of thinking has emerged. A way that can encompass mutiple points of view including those that differ from my own. I have noticed this creates a more holisitic approach to solving policy disputes. No, I have not become liberal, however, there is room to grow considering the intense backlash against conservative orators, not principles.

This backlash and retreat from conservative cronies still in power has moved my prose to more of a cultural critic, but from a progressive conservative standpoint. That is to say, a pragmatic conservative.

A thrilling chill to this bloggers spine came via email recently in the beginning of the quiet winter months that prompted this blogger to enrich and drop knowledge bombs once again.

As often a drug can be, politics had corroded my love for the discipline via presidential overdose. And through this overdose I was thrown into an abyss of complacency and MSNBC. It was there that I realized my addiction and came to realize the political game has transformed me into a partisan pawn, not a man of principles.

Therefore, expect frequent critiques that focus on current events and pertinent policy matters.

principality causa

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