Saturday, April 12, 2008

And So I blog

Private, Labor and the political. Or so we assume. They are supposed to stay seperate. Unfortunately, with technological advancements, the roles become one. Leaving a private life to be succumbed into the workplace and so forth. The political field this year tends to bark efforts to increase the privates status, and the worplace is the battleground (ie they took our jobs). In an effort to become elected.

So Josh, duh.

Sure, can I explain this phenomena I witnessed today? It was a bastion of solice that allowed tranquility and reflection. Time away from blah, blah, blah and text messages.

I speak of the gym. I mention the gym in the most ontological dimension. The gym represents all that is longed for by this blogger: privacy, pursuits, competition, friendships and comraderie.

It was not evident at first. The prescription for my current ailment. In fact, the cure scared me. Was I to be cured by such minimalist interventions? Yea dude.

It was a usual day. B and I met up around 2pm. I had been there earlier, light cardio and deadlifts. Brent met up with us. The usual chit chatter of lives, spouses and work were exchanged and recognized.

Grunts, flexing, stories of past accomplishments are common. We lifted very heavy, numbers are inconsequential, although I could not quantify the experience.

We wore down, and started to just dabble with various machinery.

B related the ephinany through his normal short sentences, "We aint doin nothing, we just dont want to go home."

Wow. Certainly I love my wife and children. We are often together enjoying each others company, but this was certainly different. Hanging out with friends is hard to do in such a life. It is often referenced by the increase in adults that mention they are lonely or unable to make friends.

Lets think about how, and your comments are well appreciated, we met our best frineds. At college, the service perhaps or work. Thats the issue. We have skewed these places and their roles so much that calling a co-worker or employee a friend is very common compared to earlier records of such relationships. And it should. On average, many Americans work longer hours have access to electronic communication and cellular phones. Leaving personal contact void of your presence.

And so here it is, the stank gym that I call my own. With my own friends and environment.

No double entendre needed (see previous posts).

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the gym definately gives me the same feeling. I was once one of your lifting brothers, in the same gym in the same life. We have spent many of reps togrther reflecting on many things in our lives, and often sharing advice for the daily problem. The gym gives a man a place to express primal needs, one of them being comraderie. Even though I cannot share a grunt with you, I call you friend and brother much faster than my co-workers who care about getting home to smack the kids around or to drown their sorrows in the bottom of a bottle. I call you friend becase of an unsaid bond we have for some reason or another, and wish not to examine too closely beacuse of the comfort. Mark